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We all know someone like this. In fact, this problem has increased significantly by the invention of online dating.

Dating in las vegas blog

Someone can be whatever they want to be online. For example, a woman may claim to look like this: There is no issue with how either of these lovely ladies look. Now I have seen a man who claimed to look like this: When he really looked like this: I would never date ANY man who had a picture of himself with his shirt off on his profile.

However, you get the point. Looks are not the only thing a person can front or…pretend about.

A good girls survival guide to dating in Las Vegas

How about age, money, job status or living with their gosh darn parents at None of these things are deal breakers to all people…but lying is. My moral here is simple: Someone will always find out. June 28, Posted by datinginvegas Dating Advice , Personal Growth , Uncategorized advice , bad choices , blogger , blogging , dating advice , dating mistakes , fronting , Las Vegas , lying while dating , personal growth , writing 1 Comment. I think a lot of people spend time pointing out the flaws in a person. It is a very easy thing to do. Some of us speak our thoughts out loud. Some of us do not.


I guarantee you that thinking this way only leads to disappointment and poor relationships. If you are always treating someone like they are lacking, they are always going to come up short. This will lead to that person always feeling inadequate and will create a sure path to destruction in your relationship.

That can be okay….. There is a fine line here. I am only referring to ensuring their confidence in how YOU feel about them. If you want your partner to feel good about your relationship…freaking tell them what you think of them…um the good stuff. Focus on the things you really like about them.

For example, if you think your girlfriend is an amazing kisser…tell her! I know for a fact that a woman will blossom when she feels confident in your desire for her. June 28, Posted by datinginvegas Relationships , Uncategorized advice , blogger , blogging , chemistry , dating advice , female advice , Las Vegas , Love , men advice , relationship advice , relationships , writing Leave a comment. However, most of us have. I have sat around and speculated that someone really liked me. Maybe he is afraid of being hurt? Maybe he is scared by his feelings? Maybe he needs space?

Maybe he really is a top-secret spy that can only call me on Friday nights because of his job? In an effort to be useful yes some of these.. Anyways, in an effort to be useful, I have a bunch of examples below. There are so many more examples I could write. I would honestly love to hear any other opinions. I prefer to keep my advice simple…. If the actions of your love interest are questionable…take a moment to think about it. It hurts to have your feelings played with.

Keep your head up and leave yourself open for someone who will adore you…. June 12, Posted by datinginvegas Dating Advice , Uncategorized advice , bad choices , blogger , blogging , dating advice , dating mistakes , Las Vegas , players , playing , relationship advice , relationships , writing Leave a comment. Is it appropriate to make the first move on a date? I was always taught to let the man do it.

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What do you think? If it feels appropriate then yes you should! The rule is there are no rules. I used to be the exact same way but the pressure is crazy! I hate the pressure of waiting so the last time I had a first kiss, I was the one to initiate it.

However, I would qualify this with the timing felt right to me when I did it. Remember to not get caught up in all the dumb rules that society and dating books try to cram down our throats. Listen to your instincts and trust them. May 3, Posted by datinginvegas Dating Advice , Uncategorized advice , blogger , blogging , dating , dating advice , female advice , first kiss , first move , Las Vegas , relationship advice , writing Leave a comment. We all judge people.

Most people also instantly make a judgement. I am not saying this is right and I am not even saying this is you. Perhaps you see a very well-to-do person and form an opinion of them? My point is that most of us make prejudgments based on appearances. Do you know what I love? I love the one thing that makes humans so wonderfully unique! I recently bought an ottoman. I happen to drive a small two door coupe.

As I was struggling to put the piece of furniture in my backseat which was not an easy task.. He was covered in tattoos from head to foot and had one of those really long beards. He was dressed in tattered clothing and a leather vest. Yes I made a judgement.

I smiled because he was a beautiful surprise. Once he got off the phone, he helped me fit the ottoman into my disgustingly small backseat and I was on my way. I smiled all the way home. Six months ago my old car broke down. The guy pulled up two hours late reeking of cigarette smoke.

10 Tips About Dating in Las Vegas « Single in Sin City

After he looked at the car, he told me we needed to go to the auto store to buy a specific part that needed replaced. Obviously I had to drive with him in his car.

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  • We get into his something car that literally has no interior panels, no passenger door handle and the floor is covered with trash. He quoted the composer! I was humbled by this experience because I never would have seen that coming. We live in a society that always seems to highlight the bad things and evil deeds people do. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the predictable patterns of life and our own past experiences that we forget what makes our species so very remarkable.

    We are all different and we are all capable of remarkable things. It means remember to not judge a book by its cover. We are all so very unique and people are not always what they seem. Keep your eyes open for the beautiful surprises. May 2, Posted by datinginvegas Personal Growth , Uncategorized advice , biker , blogger , blogging , judgement , Las Vegas , prejudgement , surprises , writing 1 Comment.

    He was kind of intense but we had a great first meeting. For our second date, we went to a local bar for drinks. We had a nice date. You do, you look like your photos. A lot of people! We were just sitting in the middle of a lounge with a lot of people there so yeah. I just immediately got up and left. At least you were able to take that horrible experience turn into a positive. And that was just one incident! But backstory- we went to high school together, and we were in theatre together.

    We were in a bun ch of musical together, so we both kind of have that. Have you seen people post things like that? Or say that to you? Are you looking for a woman who meets professional, personal, emotional type of maturity levels and standards? Or is that not important to you at all? Like have you seen any of that? I have seen so much of that. And all I can say is, online dating has made men a lot more brazen and they definitely do things that they would never do in person. They would get smacked!

    Like I would smack you, you know? So, I feel like online dating, men have definitely lost the lack of respect for how to court a woman. But then on the other hand, online dating is so convenient. I work, go to school, so for me to have that a click away, to be able to filter instead of sitting at the bar and waiting for guys to approach you. Or guys being too shy to approach you.

    Or going on blind dates and getting ready and not knowing anything about this person. Is there hope for online dating? Like a message later they say something stupid? Oh yeah, they also send an unsoli cited dick pic or whatever it is. They show up at your house when you never gave them your address. I mean just a lot of weird things just have happened.

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    I definitely did not say no thank you and walk out. Like I see men, the way they act, or things they say even in public when they shout. Like, who raised you? Did your mom raise you like that? Comment by datinginvegas January 31, Reply. This is what makes dating in Vegas even so much more difficult. You think you have meet a good match, but times weeds out all the lies and you find yourself even more frustrated that you wasted time with yet another fraud….

    Comment by Vegas Matchmakers February 23, Reply. Comment by Charles February 21, Reply. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Having been married my entire adult life to my high school sweetheart minus the last two years and the last two years being mostly consumed with one man, I am late to the dating game. Where does that leave me? It leaves me at 33 with no clue as to what I am doing.

    However, I am a natural winner and thought I had this all figured out. Boy howdy was I wrong! I am a completely independent, successful woman who obviously does not lack in confidence. I am above average looking and keep in great shape. I am happy and outgoing and genuine and I truly love people. I just thought this dating thing would be a snap!

    Join me on my crazy adventure and you will see the Las Vegas dating scene is a war zone and I feel like a soldier dumped in the front lines with no weapons training and very little ammo. Dating in Las Vegas is hard! But really I digress….. So, feeling inadequate, I did what any somewhat intelligent, goal-oriented woman would do. I set out to conquer……..

    I just want to grow as a person and I am!