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Jemmye retaliated by throwing a trash can at Knight. When the two returned for Exes 2, they were back to working well together… go figure.

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During Rivals 2 and Free Agents the two effectively ignored each other, but there was no ignoring each other when they were paired together as Exes 2. While Jonna was a decent competitor, there was no appeasing Zach.

Reality required. Manners optional.

He was constantly blaming her for their shortcomings which resulted in Jonna feeling frustrated all season. Perhaps the most memorable outburst was Zach ranting about women being inferior to men… yikes. Tori managed to survive until the end of the season-that-never-ended and during this time she fell out of love with Derrick.

Ten Sloppiest Break Ups on The Challenge | Stop Being Polite

After the final she hooked up with Jordan which Derrick believes is cheating. Tori hired a private investigator who identified the unknown number as a computer generated number from New York. CT wanted to be with Diem, but she wanted him to wait. To fill his time, CT hooked up with Shavon. A lot of people rely on The Challenge for money, but Wes appeared on The Ruins for a different reason: He was mad at Kenny and Johanna for hooking up on The Island and publicly ending his relationship with Johanna. On The Ruins he threatened to throw missions so the Champion team would lose money.

No one could reason with him, so Johanna pulled the dirtiest card she could. If you ever want to see Wes speechless, this is a good clip to watch.

Unsurprisingly, this is number one. After years of an on-again-off-again relationship with Abe, Cara Maria wanted to end things. She also wanted to win a Challenge. So to win allies in the game she was going to politic however she could. This involved massaging and hooking up, and an alleged hand job with Thomas. After numerous people had to leave the season with injuries, Abe and his brother were brought in as a replacement team. Viewers watched cringe-inducing conversations and Abe trying to fight Thomas.

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Episode f g h i j k l m n o Cookes original Rivals, only once.

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    When did paula and dunbar hook up

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