Mark prin and mint natwara dating

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Mark broke up with his girlfriend. After that Kimmy broke up with her boyfriend around two month later.

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After that they often met up and seem like they date each other. Many people started don't like him because it seem like Mark betray Jett and his family who gave a chance for him to be an actor. Many people thought he shouldn't date Kim because it might effect his job. I think this scandal did effect his job but didn't much as the other think. From what I see he is a good actor, he started to be an outstanding actor day by day so the scandal didn't effect that much.

I think maybe it's because he was an athlete so he systematic himself very well. So he still have series to play until now. The news about his love story made many people watch over him all the time waiting for his fault and pay attention on his behavior. I think Mark must sensitive about this topic because he knew he is part of reason that made Kimmy broke up with her boyfriend and when Mint's mom post the pic of the hell where the people who commit adultery, Mark really angry and curse a big bad words to Mint in the chat group.

Mark prin and mint chalida dating

I think Mint's mom mean to blame Mark and Kimmy. But Mint's mom interviewed that she mean to blame Mark's manager instead.

I think, it isn't important about what is Mint's mom saying. The important thing is Mark have to keep his anger inside no matter what. It good for his career anyway. Being polite is the best thing that an actor in Thailand should respect. Mark has to admit first that he is the part of reason that made Kimmy broke up with her boyfriend.

Because Kimmy broke up with her boyfriend so their love can start and Kimmy choose to broke up for Mark already. I always believe "If the lover don't need to be by the other side then they should break up" While, if they don't have a child.

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If they have, it is another story. No need to bear the love when your lover don't have a heart to you.

If they love someone else, you have to let them go. I didn't bias Mark - Kim love. I love this 2 kids but if they need to be together they should admit their love started from the heart broken of someone. We wise to be a good person but we are still human.

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I'm not a fan of Mint N too. But i guess we can't help who falls in love with who.

"... Mark Prin & Mint Chalida -- Only You ..."

Maybe there's something that mark sees in Mint that i haven't seen.. Ewww seriouly omg why why mark I think u and mint c. Make a better couple.. Not to be mean for the mint n.. But omg so mad make me just want to shout and jump around!!!!! I am so over it. I am going to Pope now.

Jean , Jul 18, Thanks for the news Bliss! His undecesiveness and the way he responded to the media before about his love news kinda ticked me off. If he had feelings for Mint N and didn't want to announce it at the time, the least he could do is answer properly so the media wouldn't always bother Mint C about it.

But , I agree with you all. I'm starting to like Pope. I dislike Mint N and Mark. I prefer Mint C. They'll make a better couple.

Is Mark Prin Dating Mint Natwara?

Not trying to say Mint N is ugly. Who said that they were going to get married? If Mark is happy then i'm happy for them both. Eeewwww something about Mint N. I want Mark with Mint C.