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  3. Challenges you may face when meeting the family of your interracial love
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Manners are very important in any culture or family.


If I show respect to the parents and the rest of the family sees and hears this, I am half way to the hearts of the siblings because I respect their parents. To this day, my ex's siblings prefer me to any one he brings to meet simply because I respected his parents and they came to love me.

2 responses to "Challenges you may face when meeting the family of your interracial love"

Once our relationship had been firmly established I would often get invitations to come visit them without him and even though we are not together I still get invitations from his family from time to time even though we have not been together for years. I don't usually go, but for certain events I do show up. Generally this is when there is a funeral or when extended family members have asked me to their house for a wedding or graduation or major event.

Most times I decline, but for family loss I always show up. Again out of respect for his parents and respect for him. For any first meeting, whether it is formal or casual, dress well. I mean make sure that your clothing is not offensive has holes, by design or longtime wear. On that note make sure that you are generally clean and trimmed up. Women I would suggest a modest manicure and men please shave and wear clothing that is appropriate for the occasion. Don't show up to a family sit down dinner in sports gear or shorts and if you usually go commando I have personally seen this go very bad in way too many situations where I actually had to tell a man including my own that he needed to change or sit appropriately so as not to set the women on a sparkly eyed gossip fest.

The same goes for women.

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Wear underwear and apparel that covers your treasure chests. You don't want to become the thoughts of the men in the family and have those comments at a first second or any family occassion where the men are in the corners of the house where they are either staring or trying to avoid staring. Guys can 't help it. It's really common sense. If you want to stay with this man or woman for the rest of your life or at least you are thinking about it, do everything within reason and within your power to be who you are, but respectful.

You may not win every family member at that first meeting. You may not win anyone, but don't give the family a reason to rule you out.

It's harder when a family can find no fault with you and you actually give them reasons to think "Hey! They actually compliment each other and he or she is not so bad. They actually see you and not your race. Do perfect dates make terrible partners? Apparently, if you want to be in a lasting committed relationship, then you better pick the socially awkward type. New Reflections, New Beginnings We have come to the end of the year. And for me, I usually take this time to reflect on my life.

Did I achieve what I had hoped to achieve when the year began? Scroll on and try these When talking about first date tips for women, there is more than just looking sexy. Read on to find out what works countless times… First date tips that make a terrific impression Going on a first d Tips on how to cut your own hair If you are looking for smart ways on how to cut your own hair or trim it at home here are some tips for you. Don't forget to watch the instructional video. So how do you cut your own hair perfectly? Kim Kardashian and Kanye West expecting baby number 4!

According to reports, Kim and Kanye are going to be There are so many factors that have contributed to the acceptance and the rise in interracial marriage. Click on the link to find out why She ate dog food on her way to the top of the Las Vegas entertainment industry.

Challenges you may face when meeting the family of your interracial love

You can eat Saag Paneer. Also, let me point out that Saag Paneer is delicious. Pretty much every culture has a unique form of dancing. Jews, Russians, Hindus, Persians and Scientologists all have traditions of musical expression that you will be bad at if you attempt them. Chances are, you are not an expert on the culture of your significant other. This is not just a rule for interracial dating.

A Few Words On Interracial Dating: 5 Tips For Meeting Parents | Thought Catalog

This is a rule for life. Stay tuned for my new column on how to date a serial killer. The elephant in question is large and fraught with danger. Even Barack Obama has a hard time talking about matters of racial identity.

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The more prepared you are the more relaxed you will be. The more relaxed you are the more likely that meeting the parents will go well. You need to know what your partner has told her parents as well as what their parents have said about you. If they have doubts or objections you need to know that and be prepared for them. You are entering a new family that may have very different traditions and beliefs then you. There are bound to be misunderstanding or miscommunications. It will take some time for their parents to get to know you and for you to understand them.

Their family may accidentally or intentionally offend or antagonize you. Meeting the parents for the first time is all about feeling them out. Once you make it through the first meeting you can begin breaking down these biases and objections over time.

It may be frustrating but you should spend your time reassuring their parents as patiently as you are able that their concerns are not warranted. It is very easy to focusing all of your attention on the parents during your first meeting. They are the ones whom you most wish to impress. You need to get the whole family on your side. Often times it is the extended family that convince the parents to get over any objections they might have. Brothers and sisters of your partner are especially useful for this. If you can get your partners siblings on your side they are often the best resources you will have to overcome parental biases.

It is often in the siblings best interest to help you.

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If they ever wish to date someone outside their race in the future it will be much easier if you have already been accepted into the family.