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Katy Perry - Hook Up lyrics

Wise men say things them a go change You can't ignore it and you better rearrange Remember that your heart will never fear no dark So when time come take your stance and play your part A so it built a so it born One day the table affi turn And seven times you'll see it fall And seven times it all reborn. It's a tuff rocky road we are trodding on today And piece by piece everything is clear. Sometimes I don't understand What really means to be a man Some friends look like them know it all But them nuh see the change is on Them say them born as winners But them struggle fi them dinners Them mind them pierced like mesh marinas How will you weather the storm?

So man a go ball up my fist and ramp with the beast from dusk till dawn Alchemical practice pon top of the list like a Jeet Kune Do don 'Caw the darker the berry the sweeter the juice The hotter the battle me step in like Bruce And now them vex them turn we loose Ah so it built ah so it born One day the table affi turn And seven times you'll see it fall And seven times it all reborn. What you a go do? Miss Mary stop joke, miss Mary you a murderer Miss Mary stop joke, you a bad character Miss Mary stop joke, miss Mary you a murderer Miss Mary stop joke, wah mek yuh waan kill the culture?

She waan get rid of me She cyaan skank to the beat and she nuh enjoy the flow She bawl out all day and want me turn down the sound Let go of me Mary leave me on me own Your welcome is too cold when a stranger comes to town. People you take it too easy Like unnu play with a ball Talk you a talk so easy While them want start a war So me beg unnu stop chat nothing Caw you nuh see what a gwaan The system just stopped working And them waan start a war.

Katy Perry - Hook Up

Rampimpim rampampam This yah the sound of a war Rampempem rampampam So we wake up in a war. Has that time come Or it's not too far When anywhere we turn look like a gun war But if affi them house it affi be a five stars Some man a pree peace but some a pree war Mi burn Donald Trump and mi burn Clinton Burn Rothschild burn the NATO Me burn Rokefeller me burn the Neocon No matter if a white or if a black man Them man deh words fake like silicone And them vision is not we vision Inside jobs a go cause division Me know war a dem ambition.

Mr Minister don't take we fi fool You think we don't know the thing weh you do Nuff time you don't mind if people a cry Long time no tears no drop from your eyes And when fi we poor life end Gwaan like you sad but yuo only pretend Inna reality you don't give a damn That's why mister me and you could never hang You sing lalalala Me hear you sing mmmh Inna yuh room you sing mmmh lala Mister you a whistle caw you start a next war. In the west we nuh feed no soul In the west we just deck the shell Big brands dictating our wants Easy we fall under their spell Consuming consumes a man That was never a purpose of life To only crave for material joys Is believing the lie.

Ever since we touch That day inna mi thought and me cyaan take it out The way how you tight I say mama mossi proud Tuff tuff gyal, squeeze you a squeeze like a bear you a hug and my heart a explode Now everything gone flat Dash weh mi life if me cyaan get you back And it burn to mi heart to remember when man was the fox and you was the trap Mmh mhh moan woman a mek bawl nonstop Your laugh seh mi love to mi heart yeh Yuh thing up like a song climb charts yeh Couple a mi friend weh see you tell me seh oh what a queen look priceless unto you a give Ises.

When we touch di mic enuh Sweet melody enuh Kick it off right enuh Calm down your hiccup Tuff like an uppercut punch in a ring enuh Music a go work well smooth and clean enuh. Shut down the system yah Expose the medias Lies about Syria Same about Libia Dream like a visioner Redeem like a prisoner Burn down the gate make the mind sound inferior. Work Anytime we deyah yeh you know it cyaan work Long time man a tell you seh them thing cyaan work Them bring fake news but them thing cyaan work It cyaan work Anytime we deyah yeh you know it cyaan work Long time man a tell you seh them thing cyaan work Plot dem a plot but them thing cyaan work It cyaan work.

From me know weh dem chat me nuh stop laugh Me know weh dem think when dem thoughts turn dark Skin teeth pon TV like them mind them sharp Me know seh them a smiling sharks. From you know seh fi real you're more than that Mama tell you from a youth you worth more than that more than a million bullets them shot So we nuh mek them work pon them plot. Father Sky protect we Wake up inna the morning another day Follow your heart caw your heart cyaan fail Give thanks for the sunshine and thanks for the rain. Wake up me say wake up When the rest of the world sleep you wake up Cause if one two or three of we a wake up We show our friends how fi stand up More times we a complain If a meat or a fish or a dumpling But as we complain negative we send out So a bare pollution we a cause.

Ah so mi sing Whether me deh a yard or me deh a foreign Whether this is real or this is a dream Everyday new just like a fresh meal And things fall into place if you know weh mi mean So no bother chat No bother waste time pon them negative thoughts or them negative talk Youth fi know that Caw the truth me a talk and me talk from the heart. You show us the path and give us the tools just like a light could reveal what's inna dark room. No time fi twist and no time fi turn Every man shoulda take care of him son Work hard everyday affi get the thing done Mi father nuh give up nuh make a complain sound Two a we imagine when we moaned Papa wrap we up walk we all around If every father like you happy child would abound One thing fi sure daddy: Whether dub, one drop or rubadub Sound system ever play for the hungry mob Sound it load inna the street nuh bada lock it up Forward dem waan so we a wheel it up Pass the new 45, unpack it Bassline bounce and it badder than karate MI want twitters fi sell off inna market This one to every soundman and artist.

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Bwoy know that this a no talk or chat Inna mi backyard mi want a big dancehall spot Neighbors dem shall see we with the telescope Me woulda happy if dem follow the path As you enter the gate you ago fulljoy enuh Elders inna the corner dem a play domino From tune a boss you fi start from the top Even miss Mary find a chill spot. There was a time me used fi teary and a bawl Track pon me cheek it longer than the China wall Could not believe the rain from out me two eyeball One buck a tear me woulda make a million Me cry salt waata and go turn a fisherman Man coulda sail the tears like a catamaran Sail out from pain-land and dock inna sorrow-land But me nuh sink inna the sand.

From inna muma belly me used to hear a song Same song still a play when the nurse wrap me up It play like a soundtrack when mom and dad hug me up All when it did quit it start back from the top From cradle to pram to the first step I took Back to when me did a toddle, drink milk and puke Every step weh me a take inna me life me hear the hook. Well I could have drowned inna eye waata Could have cried all the while make a ocean Could not see no money could not see no plan Like Tom Hanks inna him little island Dem seh hope a the last thing to leave a man And pressure make we brave smart and strong So even if I man a the last one to stand Me a go clear the pathway with me hand.

Trodding to the place called home Place called yard Place called home for each and everyone Place called home, place called yard A place where you and me shall keep each other safe from harm. Trodding to the place called home Place called yard Place called home for each and everyone Place called home, place called yard A place where you and me shall keep each other nice and warm. Inna dem yah time my youth you affi stand strong Caw anywhere me turn me see sufferation Me say nuff hardship we go through inna nation nuh badda touch knife I say nuh badda touch gun Is like the world a turn inna burial ground but spiritual awareness a the greatest weapon and me lyrics dem a fyah like cannonball with disyah ammunition seh the wicked a go fall.

Welcome a Jamaica yeh we deh deh inna Jamaica more time mi waan fi spend inna Jamaica mi nuh waan fi go away a so me tell you seh dis a di place mi waan fi deh. Jamaica a di place weh yuh affi deh yes dem talk straight patwa need fi know wah dem a say yes people a bawl down pon dem knees dem still a pray yes hope di Almighty will listen to dem prayers yes well it nuh matta if yuh deh a Spanish Town or Kingston town tun off di phone caw yuh nuh go hear di ring tone music loud caw dis a music kingdom music come out but dem nuh see no income. The Gideon seh a bare ragamuffin inna wi clic weh we boss it nuh go stick disya di island weh di music affi hit it affi hit from di zinc fence door up to di real concrete Mellow Mood Hempress Sativa Forelock depon di line reaching all di humans weh di light still shine yuh see how we ready fi bright caw we following the Most High guide.

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  • Long time me waan come visit dis land mi always hear about it yah so da fyah nuh stop burning whole heap a youths hear Rasta calling real vibe inna my blood a flowing Sativa she a drive dis journey mi a seh full up enough your soul and when yuh full open up your eyes disya Jamaica. Me tell no rob fi innocence dem are not entertainment move outta system and scream louder rise your brain ova dat game cha! Dangerzone like a shadow fade escape go away hear me now I am too heavy nuh me cyaan come follow yuh ya war me now criminal no badda try plan haffi me down fall.

    Seh we no waan no criminal fi come dung a mellow zone caw straight happiness a weh we deal with inna dubfiles zone.

    Well if a extra love yuh want my girl mi have a bag a dat love when sun a shine love when rain a fall if a extra love yuh want my girl wi go hard harder than the chance of gettin Tanya pon the line. Gyal tell me weh yuh gone yuh lock off all yuh phone but when di devil come around memba bout me an yuh alone memba how we used to talk hand in hand we used to walk when we sleep we used to hug like we neva had enough now tell me is it me yuh a run from or the pain yuh a run from yuh think seh di tears dem gone so baby now tell me now memba the pages seh we write can you imagine us tonight now close your eyes because.

    Mi know yuh full up my heart and mi cyaan stand apart watching di whole a dem mi woulda hold yuh inna mi arms and mi know it from the start mi waan know gyal weh yuh trend. Allallallalla ah so yuh tan ah yu weh mi waan yuh tun back deh yuh cyaan run weh mi love yuh enuh even when wi argue mi soon come back wid da most tender talk a yuh have the sweet touch weh mi waan caw everyman mi know waan try dat plus mi love it when yuh seh baby slap mi yah so yuh ting tun up come sidung pon yah so yah so yah so yah so yah so a so she waan go so go so go so go so untill we hhhh!

    Any gun let it go peace wi affi set it up anyway anyhow cyaan tek dis anymore mankind wicked enuh how tings fi tun out so a who run dis and a plan dis up everybody listen up no watch how mi run mi mouth falling dat a weh dem pree from dusk till dawning but if a so there will be no good morning wi shoulda know dis but wi neva learn it.

    Di whole a dem weh kill innocent youth man a tell dem seh fi gweh di whole a dem weh hide di truth mi tell dem seh fi gweh listen to mi breddas di whole a dem cyaan stay now tell dem seh fi gweh wi fi tell dem seh fi gweh ashes to ashes wi seh dust to dust inna di ghetto sufferation is a must and still wi get confused by di ideas wi trust how long it tek fi get rid of wi ego. Words cyaan come off mi mouth dem woulda choke mi dem a harden up mi wish dem coulda softer disya roof and wall come dung mi need fi block dem but the beam and the bricks dem a rotten anyway mi a go tan yah so and keep this up no need fi reason bout it this a no food fi tought squeeze di chigga girl until yuh mek mi hear di shot da ona yah name da one yah call.

    Bun mi heart bun mi heart yeh yeh yeh yeh weh yuh do bun mi heart bun mi heart yeh yeh yeh yeh I said yuh bun mi heart. Innocent like weh we bawn we fi tun innocent like weh we bawn we fi tun innocent like weh we bawn know weh yuh spirit come first innocent light from we bawn we fi keep di innocent light from we bawn we fi keep di innocent light from we bawn and boss dat light over all.

    Few a we already know seh when we bawn we bawn free mi seh free like a bird me seh free like a tree emotions and thoughts a mek wi reality wi reality and we possibilities then yuh grow and become a educated man but dat education a miseducation schooling a man through di school program dat a one a di ting weh a go mash up di plan mash up di plan follow di program a dat weh dem waan dis a weh happen when a new baby bawn pay attention caw wi soul is old so when a new baby bawn him already lived long. Leave dem alone mi seh fi leave dem alone dem woulda badder but dem a clown mi prefa tan inna mi innocent zone.

    The heart it still a talk heart it still a talk the universe a talk universe a talk the heart it still a talk soul it still a talk. Spark a light nothing is ever gone spark a light we will be triumphant spark a light and mi affi go so spark a light.

    I Do Not Hook Up Songtext - Kelly Clarkson

    Medias talk the same shit ah weh happen everyday now look how many families dem a bawl inna wi place now hustlers dem live depon dem crack and cocaine brake down tear down ah we dem lack off but if a man dung memba seh another man come kill wi body in every way but dem cyaan kill wi soul stand inna yuh center and di devil run tell me now ah who di king with the crown.

    Mi fi know seh yuh crying yuh fi know seh mi trying but between we a silence caw we far thousands miles and cry we a cry till we eyes get red and we know seh we nuh go nowhere so mi beg yuh tek my hands come to mi and hear me say again. Yuh nuh see a no 2 twins but a 4 a dem together yuh no see it wi mek di fyah bun redda wi a plan up a big twinz invasion wi can move mountains change di weather yuh nuh see a no 2 twins but a 4 a dem together yuh no see it wi mek di fyah bun redda wi a plan up a big twinz invasion biggin up all who have a twin breda.

    Warning warning when di twin a pass dis a twin school no badda try skip di class twins taking over now wi walk through di tall grass hard fi tell who a who betta wear glass. Big up di twins 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 twins di whole a wi Jah made dat mean di ting it affi seal watch di four a wi jump from di high trampoline and dive where nobody can swim. Phenomenal two individuals but the two a we a one Mellow Mood a Ruben dat a di tribe dem trad from and di two a we a trad it from di tribe of Zebulon diss mi twin yuh get cane caw mi nuh able fi no man big up to mi fleshy a mi King Him a mi don Jacob and Lorenzo Selah and The Gideon try fi diss mi twin yuh si di ting inna mi han just listen to the lyrics weh mi sing inna di song squady dem a pass a try fi look inna wi han but di ting weh we a bus it neva tush inna we han caw we a ragamuffin from we pushin inna pram.

    Mi nuh go leave mi nuh go run lef yuh abandoned yuh mi nuh check so gimi good love in return good love mama. Dem cyaan seh a who da one yah we a general and if a two or a one wah we a general cyaan seh a who da one yah we a general twins from we born Dem cyaan seh a who da one yah we a general and if a two or a one wah we a general cyaan seh a who da one yah we a general da twins dem rule. Now yuh play when yuh talk run when yuh walk yuh no waan fi look back and put yuh life inna sack tell mi why yuh trust no man weh mi talk yuh tek fi fun and when joy a come yuh mek it run yow mi hear your voice a call but mi nuh beg tears from no one so yuh can dry your eyes girl now dry your eyes girl mi tell yuh fi put the blame pon mi but mi voice it still go sing like this.

    Mi a go dig dig dig and it a go big big big and it a go deep deep deep so deep dat mi affi tek a lift mi a go track track track but di tracks dem a lack lack lack a evidence pon di rock rock rock so mi cyaan tek a back back back. Serious times ah serious times dis a part a go dead a certain part a mi rise these are serious times some serious times so come, come down, go down troublesome I am nuh have no digger nuh have JCB neither so mi dig wid mi finga pon di rocks like margarita dung mi a go zip mi fake figure dung deh finga pon di trigga you seh shoot mi a go obey shoot.

    Man affi reach di land of the sun hold a vybz in Jamaica mi affi touch dung inna Jamdung build a house in Jamaica. Jam round yuh arms all ova mi Jamaica rain all ova mi sun rays all ova mi yuh bring di joy enough fi mi streets boss no badda mi one drop a so we dweet Jamaica yuh sweet Kingston 6 dem call it big up di friends dem weh deh inna Jamaica di fyah keep burning a so we rock it and drop it till the morning from the seaside straight to the yard Jamaica mi love bad.

    Alright then book a way one ticket to Mobay Mellow Mood and Richie Campbell haffi touch down a JA then we go party a Kingston me just get pay affi call up every woman tell dem link up right away tell dem we nuh play man have a links a de la cree we go party dung a jungle all Angola and Tivoli every gyal a watch we dem love the rasta yute dem weh dem see me haffi tell dem seh a Mellow Mood a dem run Italy. Public areas helps you stay in control of your love life by dating service providers so that you can place. Asks your friends about you or have i do something.

    Site and shows the winners and change the rules about what i to start a new relationship that doesn't feel right in your city who wants.

    2 The World

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