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Traceback most recent call last: I bought Netrunner and there was an ad for 40k in it. I used to play the old 40k cardgame and the miniatures so I played like 4 games of netrunner until Conquest came in the mail I'm still missing a couple packs but with tyranids as your main you don't need all of them to play with all the nid cards. It seems as though he's working on this but I think a fair few of us feel left in the dark. FYI - even when I got the below message I could still play.

However, the Search Top X Cards option is messed up. You'll need to look at top cards instead and then move the others to the bottom. I got the newest install, but none of the Deadly Salvage cards are showing up in the deck builder and during play they just show up as card backs, any idea what might be cracking off?

Only the Tau Enclave seems to not be working, at least, not in the deckbuilder, the rest are fine.

Enclave states it's type is Soutain or something similar instead of Support. Is there any one that has full images of the cards, even if it was censored with the game text, like how Game of Thrones 2nd edition does it for conquest would actually make me want to use this to test more. Is there instructions on how to do that? Feel free to PM, as i am not the most tech savvy person out there.

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Not actually sure if we're allowed to post the like here, but google something along the lines of octgn images and you'll get there soon enough. Need a subscription for that to work though. There is a way to make it work without a subscription, but it's more complicated and I'm not going to post it here.

➤ Octgn netrunner matchmaking

Is there a way to get images for Conquest or is the process automatic since I'm a subscriber or how does it work? Community Forum Software by IP. Deck Builder Cards Decks Forums. Deckbuilder Cards Decks Forums. Deckbuilder Cards Decks Forums Collection.

Octgn netrunner matchmaking

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