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Country Kids John Tesh reveals the latest intel on how children raised in a city are likely to be thinner, healthier and slightly less likely to use drugs than their country cousins. Signs Your Child is Being Bullied John Tesh reveals the top signs that your child is being picked on by a bully, including coming home from school hungry or in urgent need of a bathroom. Benefits of Stay-at-Home Moms Revealed A new survey reports that kids of stay-at-home moms are healthier, smarter, better-behaved and less likely to be fat. Today's parents are going back to school for classes in one "common core" subject -- because they can't help their kids do this type of homework.

The Secret to Getting a Good Salary The key to negotiating a good salary following a job offer is simple: Be the first to mention a number. John Tesh explains why and how it works. An Easy Way to Get Better Info From Experts Whether you're asking for information from a doctor, teacher, pharmacist or contractor, there's one very effective way to ensure they offer up more detailed info. How Sticky Notes Can Boost Moods and Change Behaviors Writing things down on Post-It notes can help us make positive changes in our lives and attitudes, as well as helping us remember appointments.

Beware of These Spending Triggers Financial experts have identified spending triggers that make us spend more on frivolous purchases, including being hungry, having small bills in our wallets and more. How to Send Business Emails That Get Noticed John Tesh explains what time of day you should never send the boss an email, and what's the best time to get your message noticed.

How Friends at Work Can Keep You Content and Employed The latest workplace intel says having friends at work can improve our mental and physical health. John Tesh tells you how it works. Find out how to save thousands by identifying money wasters that are draining your bank account. Advantages of Eating Out With Co-Workers The latest workplace intel says taking your lunch to work every day saves a lot of money, but going out for lunch has surprising advantages as well.

Simple Tricks to 'Own the Room' Find out the body language secrets used by law enforcement agents to gain trust and appear friendly and confident. John Tesh reveals some "power moves" to use at your next meeting. The Secret to Success in One Word Find out which 3-letter word offers the most powerful sign that you're a go-getter, and won't stop until you've mastered a skill or job assignment. Surprising Daily Activities That Burn Extra Calories Believe it or not, there are things you can do outside of the gym to get exercise.

Watch the video to find out what kind of every day things you can be doing to burn extra calories! Why 'Paleo Fitness' is the Latest Workout Trend The "paleo diet" may be all the rage among people who think we should eat like cavemen, but "paleo fitness" is the latest fitness trend.

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Find out what it means to work out like a caveman. Improving Your Memory by Telling Stories Find out how kids learn and remember more when adults tell them stories and talk to them about plot and details. Getting Psyched Up For a Better Workout John explains two science-based secrets to help get you pumped up to work out. And find out what to listen to on the way to the gym so you'll be primed for exercise.

Some Surprising Benefits of Caffeine Caffeine offers both short-term and long-term benefits. Find out what they are, and how much caffeine you'll need to consume to get the benefits. Find out why your posture and movements have such powerful effects on your moods. Signs You're Listening to the Right Music John reports the latest science on choosing just the right music for whatever you're doing now.

How to Use Vanilla to De-Stress John reveals that a secret compound in vanilla is scientifically proven to calm you stress and lower anxiety. How to De-Stress by Dancing Find out some surprising dance class benefits, and why those benefits keep you de-stressed for months afterward. What Women Want In A House Since women have a say in more than 9 out of 10 home purchases, it's good to know what features they most want in a home. Why More Toilets Add More Value If you're wondering what to remodel or add on before selling your home, watch this video to discover what to do to your bathrooms.

John Tesh talks about the latest research into what makes a good neighborhood. You'll be surprised at the effect this has on our relationships, our moods and our weight! Top Complaints About Photos You Share on Facebook Before you upload another photo of your honey, your vacation, your family or food, get the latest intel on what your "friends" really think about them.

Online Meanness Leads to 'Twitter Rage' New social media research reveals that people are meaner online than in person. Find out why and how. How Checking For Texts Stresses Us Out Constantly switching from one task to another, to check for email and texts, causes a huge rise in stress levels. Health Tips for Your Vacation From altitude sickness to germy beaches, vacations are fraught with dangers to your health. Watch this video for tips to stay safe. Sing While You Drive Neuropsycholgy can now explain the effects that singing during a stressful commute has on your body, brain and mood.

The Best and Worst of Sounds Hearing traffic noise, or the sound of a vacuum is stressful, but not as bad as total silence. Find out what the best sounds are.

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John Tesh reveals the major signs. Find out what they are!

John Tesh: How Men and Women's Metabolisms Differ

John explains how hugging releases a feel-good hormones, and that even hugging a teddy bear can boost our moods. Why Mornings are Keys to a Happy Relationship Could your morning rituals predict and promote the success of your relationship? John Tesh reveals what the research says. How What You Wear to Work Affects Your Career Find out what styles are best and worst to wear to the office, and the best colors to wear to an interview. Stop Apologizing at Work Researchers say women apologize too much and say too little at work -- and why it's holding them back.

Why You Need an 'Inside Referral' to Get a Job John Tesh reveals the latest scoop on getting those inside referrals that can help you get that job you really want.

John Tesh online dating

First, go on a car trip with them, then play a competitive game or run a race. Why Strong Couples Break Up After Infidelity New research reveals why deeply committed, trusting couples are more likely to break up when one of them cheats. John explains why it works.

Dealing With People Who Abuse the Carry-on Limit A new travel trend is "carry-on shaming" where people snap photos of people who try to stuff oversized carry-ons onto overhead storage bins. Why Your Dog Loves Your Smell New research shows how your dog responds to your smell and why your scent lights up his brain's reward center. The Brain Benefits of Doodling A new study demonstrates the ways that repetitive doodling reduces daydreaming during boring meetings, and boosts your ability to remember facts.

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John Tesh Online Dating 10 Deutsche Festspielorte

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John Tesh Online Dating Tips - Men's guide to dating

John Tesh Online Dating Tips. Keep The Change Dating Advice. Mensxp Dating Tips Attract Girls.