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But, he's also feeling conflicted about making a commitment since so much of his life is in transition. Getting his first "real" job. Twenty years ago, men were typically married and established in their careers by These days, fewer and fewer men consider tying the knot at this time and most are concentrated on their careers. If he pulls away after a couple months of dating, he might be realizing that committing to someone limits his options, making it harder to scout for career opportunities. Many guys in their mids are in no rush to plant roots—they want the freedom to pick up and move on a whim —and others aren't ready to give up frat-style living, preferring to rent a place with a bunch of buddies rather than save up for their own pad.

At every other juncture of his life, he'll likely fall for a girl who shares commonalities with him for example, she also comes from the province and loves wall-climbing. But for now, opposites may attract. He's reached the golden age for sex: By the close of their 20s, guys have had, on average, five partners, and if you're lucky, your predecessors have taught him the ins and outs of oral sex and other delicate arts.

He's also beginning to get creative with positions. Early 30s He's been supporting himself and making big life decisions on his own for a while now that he finally feels like an adult Watching his friends get married. He looks around the bar, sees that he's 32 and everyone else is 22, and a light bulb goes off. He just may not be in a hurry to lock things down since he knows he can always have kids later on. But domesticated or not, these guys tend to make great partners.

He's saying "I do" to the idea of marriage, so he's on the hunt for someone who is about as attractive and intelligent as he is, with similar goals, values, and interests. Since young women are outearning men in the metro, he's looking for some help with expenses. Also, while he's entertaining the idea of settling down, the National Marriage Project found that he wants no part of a hardcore husband-hunter or biological clock watcher.

In Accidental Adulthood, Mick experiences some surreal moments while dating: Let me tell you, not all of these events sprung from my imagination. Men get just as lonely as women. Be prepared for—and even suggest—a date now and then that just involves hanging out.


Watching TV, just getting coffee and going somewhere to simply people watch, making dinner together. In Chapter 5, Mick has a memorable first date with a woman who proclaims her love for him and even hints at having children with him. Too much, too soon. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Well, okay, but that's a rather personal measure of yours.

I've asked myself this question a lot At the end of the day, while I don't think a number is the best measure for one's creepy meter, our real measures will still tend in practice to a limited age range of which we'll think of as a unique number. I guess if yours does happen to be 18 for whatever reason that's not particularly weird after all. Half your age plus seven years. Because it's generally bullshit, especially when used as the first and usually only litmus test.

Bullshit on you being The only people shallow enough to rely on that formula are jealous 20 year olds. The only person shallow enough to rely on this formula is a 30 year old that is creeped out about having anything in common with a 20 year old to sustain a relationship.

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When you are older, you will learn that hobbies and experience are transient, and that personality is permanent. As an older person, I have learned that nothing can take away from actual years of experience living life, which is why, I cannot fathom having enough in common with a 20 year old to sustain a relationship.

At least not a relationship of equal partners. I was thinking that guys have so much easier as they get older since if their heterosexual life fails they can just turn homosexual. Women on the other hand are up against the clock and trust me as we move forward when sex bots or AI bots become real girls are going to have a even harder time because we all know who are going to be purchasing those sex bots the most.

Nobody asks age, at least where I come from. Of course you can see if someone appears t be in their mid 20's or mid 30's, but if things click, who cares? I really find it "interesting" how some people are overly concerned with what two consenting adults decide to do regarding their private love life. Why would this be weird? My personal preference would be for someone about 10 years older than me, but I'm not opposed to someone being younger than me either. I guess it all boils down to what kind of person they are and what they bring to your life. It is hard to do. I recently met a guy who is 7 years younger than me and I am quite smitten with him.

He has qualities that I'm looking for and has a good personality. I don't know if anything happen in the future but I surely will not dismiss him simply because of our age difference. That would be silly. Meh, if you aren't taking advantage it doesn't matter.

Tips on Dating Men in Their 30s

I've found older generations are much more hooked on the significance of age so maybe its just "us gosh darned milenials" fucking things up again but as long as its over 18 age is just a number IMO. Usually that's when many of them start to calm down a bit and branch out into doing other things besides partying and drinking and such. Yes it is a huge generalization and of course there are exceptions. Having said that, that's when you see a lot of women start to mature yet still be fun to hang around with.

Exceedingly normal in every way. Women typically shit on it as "creepy" because men dating younger means a smaller dating pool of men their own age to go after. Women tend to date up, men tend to date down. This is widely known through multiple studies in plenty of cohort and countries. I'd suggest starting at pew research and going from there. They're a gold standard. You're both consenting adults and it's not that big of an age difference. Kinda makes me feel like i'm a bit of a creep to prefer dating younger women, rather than my own age.

For men, success and means are attractive. For women youthfulness and looks are attractive. We can go on and on pretending that the world doesn't work this way but it's pretty much wired to work that way in our brains. It depends on why you prefer younger women. If it's purely aesthetic younger women are hotter! If you find you have more in common with women in that age range not in full-on party mode but also not in a rush to get serious then you're just dating people you have more in common with and they happen to fall in that age range.

I'm 36 and I get most men my age want a younger woman.

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However, I'm one of those women who got her shit together late in life and I'm much more attractive with varied interests and hobbies and am much more social than I was in my mid-twenties. Current me is much more of a catch than mid-twenties me who was overweight and socially awkward. My boyfriend is Judge a person based on their interests and life goals AND their looks, not their age.

I think it's important to be realistic about what the attraction is. I also have more trouble putting myself into the other person's shoes. That just means you have to be straight forward and communicate more openly, but it's a little easier to imagine where a 25 year old guy is at in his life, what his peers are doing, and what his expectations might be. I also feel a bit of a power dynamic. If you are genuinely attracted to your partner, and have a realistic idea of what a relationship with them would entail, then I don't think it's creepy at all.

I don't see a problem with it. Now a 75 year old dating a 25 year old? That's a bit weird IMHO. My sister married a 37 year old at 23 and my dad is dating a 39 year old at 63 right now. Mom also married someone 13 years older. Its not strange at all and the norm for many people. Tbh, age is just a number, I know a chick who's 20 but acts more like 25 or older. She has a lot of potential, and there's a lot about her I admire. Its not, but here I am 33M dating a a girl that's Younger girls are a lot more fun in my opinion since I am not looking for a wife and not looking to have kids.

Whats weird about it? The only people who say that seem to be older women who are getting jealous of younger women. Pay them no mind and do whatever brings you happiness.

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I've noticed this a lot recently in people I grew up with. It's generally accepted in my area, I'm in the minority that still considers it odd. We can't tell you that. Weirdness is a disparity in expectations and reality, but you're asking the internet.

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Most places have their own rules, even if it isn't obvious. It's really not that weird to date someone with such a small difference where I am, so, no. Maybe it is elsewhere. But to each their own. So like other people said: It's normal for older men to date yonger women and it's been that way for centuries. Women prefer older men so it's pretty normal. Also, I've noticed that most of the single women I know who are I their thirties are single for good reason.

I know most people will say age is just a number and it doesn't matter. I don't really see myself with this guy long term. I will add, I don't know his past history yet. I am curious if he only dates younger, that would be a red flag. He did know I was much younger when we met so that could be the case, who knows. Nah, it's not weird. The most important thing is that her and your maturity level are more or less the same.

I really hate this question. It's not weird in any sense. This isn't something that Men are not "into". It's something that men on an instinctual level are naturally attracted to. Younger women are more fertile and that is what we seek out. For some stupid reason people try to make this natural behavior seem like it's some kind of creepy behavior which is a double standard considering younger women prefer older men.

No, that's not uncommon at all, especially if you're interested in starting a family at some point without the pressure of a ticking clock. Hell years ago, when I was 22, I was hooking up with this MILF I met on craigslist, one night before we did our thing I took her to a bar and it was fun but I definitely got a lot of strange looks. Just not as common. I am doing this and it is amazing not to have to deal with ex-husbands or the ex-boyfriends that stick around like sad little puppies hoping to win her back.

I like how I agree with essentially everybody here and yet somehow I got downvotes. Who's following my page and downvoting all my stuff? I have been with the same person for a long time, but in my low 30's I would pretty much only date women in their mid's.

Things You Didn’t Know About Dating Men in Their 30s | catherinewrites

Women my age at the time were just too boring life styles of what I wanted in my 40's or were in the fast lane for marriage because they thought the time was going to pass them by. Honestly I feel like people should do whatever makes them happy as long as they aren't hurting someone else. The formula above is what you can adhere to so that you don't have to ask reddit if what you're doing is okay.