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I was so fucking tilted. I'm at 43 games now and it got better 1. I came to terms with the tank today when i got a 5. It does not have preferred, oh no this thing suffers frontal engagements with E75 with gold pen! Honestly the only reason I haven't sold it is because it's the only American td trainer I have.

I have already sold the stag iv as I have so many German td premiums now. The T55a and object are far better. The t28 htc deserved preferential matchmaking but doesn't get it. Since I have a scorpion, there is pretty much 0 reason to play this thing.

World of Tanks CZ T28 Concept (recenze #167)

I think I'm just gonna keep it in my garage reserves, never to see the light of day again. It's fun as fuck, heat pen. Amazing gun depression, camo, and a small as fuck profile. I mean for fucks sake, half of your turret is just a big hole. For me the mobility, speed and view range kinda suck. The sta2 is a better tank tier for tier. Has heat pen, better gun depression, he protection from the front, faster, more mobile, good view range and dpm thanks to vents.

I also have a e25 for tier 7 trolling XD.

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True true, but does the STA-2 have 49 camo without any bush or camo net when using a camo crew? I didn't think so! Yeah but my American Crew is leaps and bounds behind my Japanese medium crew, and I refuse to start afresh at least now since I've recently gone and started 2 new crews chinese and American mediums with no sixth sense to start with. Also view range out spots so much. The Scorp does not. To be honest, the gun sucks. Any equal tier tank in its role can penetrate the mantlet. The cupola is an obvious weakpoint. The armor layout isn't sloped.

You're as flexible as a mountain. Your view range similarly doesn't work. The armor only works at all of 5 degrees of the entire arc. But, I think we're missing something here: Obviously, it's easier in the Chrysler K. But, the impact for the T28 HTC is larger.

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Most tanks at tier 7 will still struggle with your 'turret' face, even if they can gold through your LFP at any angle. Randomly shit pen, despite having the same damn mm as the other American tanks, bad DPM, bad gun handling and riddled with weakspots Just played my first game in this thing. Had the mission completed for a while, but wasn't sure where to put the crew. Probably all downhill from here, lol. It's not really worth keeping.

T28 HTC Review

That was the first personal mission tank I sold, followed by the StuG. The side turrets suck ass, the gun mantle thing gets pen'd by tier 8 tanks, the roof is pathetic, it's a long tank with slow traverse, bad gun depression, not very good penetration on either round, and bad gun handling. Tigers and T29s can penetrate you frontally, people like to prem-spam as well in my experience.

It's good against noobs, not much else.

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It's a mediocre tank that lost my interest as I played more and more games in it. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. No direct links to replays or straw-polls i.

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T28 Concept, WITHOUT Prefixed MM ?!

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