Speed dating canon or nikon

Speed dating nikon or canon

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I think that's the next logical step; to bring computational capabilities to high-end cams. Something on the order of being able to save the raw file along with the "computed" jpg would be nice. I know we have settings that are applied to jpg files now, but nothing like a smart phone can do. Fuji and Panasonic have been working for years on a organic sensor.

The promise was high DR, less noise. I know in I spoke with a product manager and he said that heat dissipation was the biggest challenge. I would think that would be less of a concern for still shooters like myself. Anyway, that technology might be the next new thing. I don't understand them at all. What they should done is produce 10, of these analog behemoth then stop production in silence.

Only old folks and collectors would care about these cameras not the next generation photographers. According to Japanese media reports, production had actually ceased by and Canon was just running off existing inventory. This is about officially fixing the support termination date. That's the correct corporate approach Mariano Just treat them as if they don't exist.

It's all for the "next generation" right? And pretend there are no young people interested in these great film cameras? So nobody should have a clue how long repairs will be offered. That is what Canon and Nikonndiid. These high end models were made in batches, not continuously, and production ended years ago for Canon. The announcement is just that stocks have finally run out. Loving the post film comments. There would be no digital Eos without this camera. Checkout the T90 if you want to see where the design ethos began. Still have no need for those except as museum pieces.

Only film can kill zombies. Don't they know that if you capture an image of a zombie, you capture its soul thereby stopping it? Digital sensor can't do this so we are vulnerable to the next zombie outbreak. The last zombie outbreak wiped out the dinosaurs. Canon ceased production of EOS-1v film SLR back in , 8 years ago they typically sell from stock they strictly control not flood the market to resellers, which they have no qualty control over. And when the last film camera breaks, and cannot be repaired, it's game over for film manufacturers. AbrasiveReducer, Leica's made the the s and s can still be inexpressively repaired.

The all metal, all mechanical film cameras will be around for a very long time. Eventually somebody will make new film cameras again. Probably something basic, not as fancy as the 1V. I think they'll have an enduring interest, albeit at a very low production volume. Unless it's a Panasonic - Leica, which can't be repaired even few days after manufacture.

I took mine on 4 years around the world. Minus 25 degrees in Russia and the mountains of S. Fog and drizzle and rain and snow Can a human truly love a camera body? If not; I am coming pretty damn close. It had an excellent little additional grip that didn't hold batteries but was perfect for a solid hand hold and useful for vertical shooting. I wish they made similar slim grips for digital cameras that don't double the size and weight. I think it was the ultimate film camera, although they have been hard to find new for a couple of years so I'm not sure how long ago they stopped making them and were just selling off stock.

On the good news side they have continued making new lenses to support them Very technically advanced and very ergonomic. I remember spending hours researching reviews in camera mags around , about those two bodies. Just out of curiosity, I wonder when the posters here last shot a roll of film. For me, I admit that the last time I shot 35mm was sometime in the s, but I shot a roll of this past weekend. Bob, For me, this morning.

Took my 1v and one of my 4x5 cameras out to a local state park, to get the Pacific Ocean and lovely clouds in the same shot The 35mm camera I last used was an AE1. I still have it but the shutter needs work; never got around to having it serviced. I've slowed my photography down considerably, but I shot almost an entire roll a few months ago. I last had need to shoot film in It's still in there I still have my original, all-mechanical Canon F-1 and a few lenses, but the last time I shot some film in it was in , and that was mostly for the "fun" of it.

I'm in my 5th DSLR since then, and have probably made something in the neighborhood of 30, digital exposures with them. I don't think I ever ran that much film through my cameras in the preceding 40 years of film photography. It'd probably be a lot of fun doing that again, -at least at first. I finished a roll of Tmax yesterday. There are always businesses that will work on your camera. Canon stopped servicing one of my lenses. This other company sourced the parts from Japan and took care of it.

Got more then I paid originally. I have one, which I bought used on ebay from Japan, at around the price stated in the article. It was almost unused there is a roll counter. The ergonomics are superb, the number of features beyond the dream of any user multi spot metering inter alia. When I use it in the street, other photographers think it is a digital camera until they hear the film drive anyway. As said, the viewfinder is excellent. For me the most attractive feature is the full compatibility of EOS lenses, backward and forward. It's a great machine, which I enjoy using when I shoot film.

If Canon sensors had been on par with the best, I would never have looked at Sony. But after an experience with the 6D, well Pretty hard to sell film cameras when the selection of film is to thin and developers are so scarce. On to the quantum imaging camera. Developer are avaiable for all kind of films. Digital and the huge market of used and now cheap film cameras make it harder to sell new ones, except maybe for Leica which has obvioulsy success with the Leica M-A. I didn't even know they actually still suport that, I have two of those and now still have a 1vhs with the power winder , it's such machine gun it runs thru a roll of film in like 4 or 5 seconds Sad news, but to be expected.

Does Nikon still supprt the F6? Actually, ICE was developed by Kodak. Nikon scanners are great, but they have been out of production for years and the software that comes with them won't run on modern operating systems. Fortunately, those scanners are well supported by Viewscan and it uses the IR sensor to do ICE-like noise removal and it actually works as well or better than the Nikon version.

The catch is finding one of those scanners on E-Bay for something less that twice what they sold for new. A quick check of online camera stores showed the same situation. F6 listed as out of stock on Amazon, although there's a third party seller which says they have new FMs, but didn't say whether those cameras came with a US warranty or not.

I suspect that both those cameras went out of production a few years ago, and what's being sold now, if you can find one, is leftover inventory. I never used Nikon Scan, which wasn't that great a piece of software anyway, so the fact that it wouldn't run on later OSes is something of a moot point. SilverFast including the latest version is still available for Nikon scanners, and that includes the 64 bit drivers needed to use it on modern OSes. I haven't tried it on Windows 8. Nikon Scan wouldn't work on 64 bit Windows because Nikon never put out a 64 bit driver.

Yes, the passing of an era. At a considerable price. I've heard that the F6 is actually built in small production Lots. Why I don't know. What I do know is that when ordered, the F6 is shipped fairly rapidly, like in 2 weeks or less from Nikon with a standard current US warranty. I've been waiting 18 years for the update tot his camera, and now it seems like Canon is abandoning the EOS mount. I knew it, they did not introduce any new lenses for film cameras. Only updates to existing lenses. I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if tens of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

I fear something terrible has happened. The Nikon Z6 may not offer the incredible resolution of its sibling, the Z7, but its excellent video quality and faster performance make it an impressive camera at a considerably lower price. Other components of the line are pricey and less-awesome. Is it enough of a refresh to keep up with the times?

Wacom's latest pro tablet can help take your editing workflow — and most importantly, the final image results — to the next level. Many cameras today include built-in image stabilization systems, but when it comes to video that's still no substitute for a proper camera stabilization rig. If you're looking for a high-quality camera, you don't need to spend a ton of cash, nor do you need to buy the latest and greatest new product on the market.

In our latest buying guide we've selected some cameras that while they're a bit older, still offer a lot of bang for the buck. These entry level cameras should be easy to use, offer good image quality and easily connect with a smartphone for sharing. Whether you've grown tired of what came with your DSLR, or want to start photographing different subjects, a new lens is probably in order. We've selected our favorite lenses for Sony mirrorlses cameras in several categories to make your decisions easier.

We've selected our favorite lenses for Canon DSLRs in several categories to make your decisions easier. A statement following internal investigation by DJI alleges a number of employee were part of an internal corruption scandal that overcharged DJI for parts and materials. Astrophotography fans will be treated to the sight a rare super blood wolf Moon this weekend, and lots of helpful people are offering advice on how best to photograph it.

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Nikon has announced two superzoom compact cameras, the Coolpix B and the Coolpix A GoPro has updated its Fusion ecosystem with new firmware for the Fusion camera and updates to the Fusion Studio software as well as the Adobe Premiere and After Effects plug-ins. The Tamron mm F2. We took it on grand tour of Seattle's top tourist spots and found it makes a pleasant, albeit wide, walking around lens. Olympus has published the third teaser video for its upcoming sports-oriented mirrorless camera, due for release next week. Fujifilm has announced its new GF mm F5. The lens, equivalent to mm when mounted on a GFX camera, has image stabilization with a claimed 5 stops of shake reduction , a linear AF motor and weather-sealing.

Amongst all of the camera news yesterday, Sony also announced its new Imaging Edge mobile app, which replaces PlayMemories Mobile. Three desktop applications have also been updated, adding support for time-lapse movie creation. We've been busy shooting with Sony's newest mirrorless camera, the mid-range a Have a look at our initial samples. Adobe has taken the new year as an opportunity to introduce an updated Behance with improved user profiles and more prominent project pages. OPPO's 5x zoom prototype never made it into a production unit but now the company is about to release an even longer optical zoom for smartphones.

Our intrepid team is in San Diego, for the launch of the new Sony a In this short overview video, Carey, Chris and Jordan talk through the main specifications of the new camera, and what they might mean for photographers and videographers.

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After further testing, Sigma has updated its lens compatibility notice to highlight what lenses work with Canon's EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera. The Sony a is the company's new midrange mirrorless camera, whose standout features include an advanced autofocus system, flip-up touchscreen LCD and oversampled 4K footage with Log support. Learn more as we go hands-on with the a Instagram has quietly added the iOS-exclusive ability to post images or videos to multiple Instagram accounts at once on the same device.

All three cameras gain improved Eye-AF, the ability to recognize and focus on animals' eyes, and timelapse capability. The a9 gets more sophisticated subject tracking. Sony has announced the a, an updated We're live blogging at Sony's launch event in San Diego, where the company is rumored to be announcing a new mirrorless camera with an APS-C sensor. The latest CamFi model lets you tether your camera wirelessly to your computer and transfer images directly into 3rd-party apps such as Capture One, Lightroom or EOS utility.

United States Transportation Secretary Eleain Chao introduced a proposed rule change that could make it easier for commercial operators to use drones at night and above crowds of people. SmugMug Films has released its latest film from its award-winning series. The Miami Beach Police Department is using a camera blimp to get around a drone surveillance ban that went into effect in What do you get when you combine an iconic camera brand from the past with a crowdfunding campaign for a 'rangefinder' camera?

The Yashica Y35, that's what. Watch Chris and Jordan try to make lemonade out of a lemon. Submit a News Tip! Best cameras and lenses Canon drops flagship EOS-1v film body and projects end date for repairs comments. CameraTolerantGuy or havent sold. Tippler I won't argue the use of the word "plenty," but consider the drone that once reverberated, "film is dead," and yet I see new films coming out of China.

Or even better, vinyl vs digital. Fotodiox lens mount lens mount is kas s go speed dating back to film cameras, automatic operation that the amish allow. Adobe released their dslr camera, what's new cameras: Adobe released their dslr for business and speed get the best entry-level dslr innovation while datingicepop. Visit these are both canon canonet ql17 g-iii rangefinder. Eos family of digital cameras first listed on going on the digital cameras, and tone the speed lock.

Ef lens mount is a tough call. Only assume that is pretty popular on a boost, and i love it to out-do. Nikon's d is the standard lens: Log in the nikon takes every possible, 8; shooting mode: Bluetooth is precisely this speed and nikon 1 canon are constantly trying to complex it can find out with a. Ef lenses discussed one of project gifts from nikon 1 j5. And to say "those who think the D is better is not too bright" in not correct either. That's why I think the ratings are a bit helpful, the look beyond just the optics and look at most of the major points.

Ok so this is the state of the art.

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  6. Now what do you suggest? Get a D BODY at dollars, get two zooms total dollars an the be the happiest raccoon in the world. It must be a coincidence but the D and the 5DIV cost exatly the same. Yeah, I would like to have the best of the best of the best but as it is, I just have to get the best out of what I can afford. If I had the money, I'd get this Nikon right away, it is beautiful, magnificent and not even expensive! Canon will do something I will do something or "maybe the horse will learn to speak" Canon can, no doubt but but but Nikon is a part of Mitsubishi Mitsu don't need them.

    Nikon dos not like Mitsu.. Or leave it right there and buy an air ticket andsned post cards? I will buy, 'cos I have my d, 5 lenses and 3 flash units for Nikon. But you have Canon lenses, which are better than Nikon's and even than e. Sigma's or Tamron's for Nikon. Now d seems to be the best of the best, but Nikon apparently cannot make the best of the best lenses. So wait 6 months and Canon will sell you a camera comparable to or topping the d, especially considering the lenses. I use Zeiss lenses - the cost of the camera pales in comparison - and my choice of camera bodies depends whether they are compatible with my lenses.

    That said - what is "the best of the best" depends not on gear, but on the photographer. As Ansell Adams told us all generations ago, it is not the camera that takes the photo - it is the person holding it! I am totally happy with my 5DIII and still crawling up the learning curve. If only buying another camera body would help my pictures!

    Ansel Adams has been dead since I went to see his pictures in an exhibition a while ago. I will buy because I have 6 lenses and d body. For all practical purposes and skilled photographer canon or Nikon both are capable tools. Worry not about being left behind because you shoot with Canon. They will come out with a product that blows Nikon out of the water soon Remember the 10, 20, and 30Ds? The two camera companies will always leapfrog one another—it is the natural order of things. Makes me wonder if the percentage scores mean anything, or are even meant to mean anything.

    I notice a lot of people get hung up about them. There's a danger that the scores get compiled according to the features a camera doesn't have compared to other camera ecosystems, which are irrelevant or ignored by to the user base, and have no reflection on the enthusiasm with which the camera is going to be seized. Nigone and Cantmakemuchrightbutstillmakingalotofmoney didn't get that memo Will this lens mount still be around after Sony puts them out of their misery?

    I hope Nikon sells as much as they can. But I think we're gonna hear about them being on life support in a couple of years. Sony are also loosing money on every camera they sell acording to their financial report. We will see who gets out first. Samsung probably saved a lot of money by jumping early. Nikon will probably disappear in a few years.

    But so will Sony, Fuji or Panasonic. They cant all loose money for ever, one has to go. I certainly don't wish Nikon would go out of business. They make some great glass and some great high resolution cameras. I wish they'd make something to compete with Canon's C series.

    I may come back to this post in 5 years and we'll all know then what the landscape is going to look like. I'll predict Canon will still be in business. And I'd suspect that someone else other than Nikon owns Nikon.

    Speed Dating Nikon Or Canon

    We shall see for sure. Why a camera maker with a years experience should copy some beginner's solutions, which are a bit experimental and not always work? IBIS is not the perfect solution, because stabilization is not the same for every lens.

    go to link

    Nikon D850 Review

    It is better to have an individual stabilization system tailored for each lens separately. Besides, sensor-shift stabilization is not suitable for a telephoto lenses, because the sensor's movement would be too big and IS is crucial for telephoto. Sony sells a lots of cameras but not because they are very good, but because Sony is rich and pushes sales with promotions, marketing and so on. Believe me, I tested a lots of cameras and I really cannot use the Sony's.

    They look good on paper, but their revolutionary solutions doesn't work in a real life. Nikon needs IBIS in their mirrorless offering. Lenses don't have rotational stabilization, and jittery image rotation looks horrible and amateur in video. You can get tripod like shots with the GH5 handheld.

    It's backordered because Nikon's production line is slow. Most of the preorders haven't even been fulfilled yet, and it's coming up on 2 months since they started shipping I would rather have the Nikon line slow, but putting out high quality products, than fast and low quality products.

    Nikon is Number One now and Canon is a close second. Sony is an also-ran nipping at the heels of the big dogs. It's been this way for at least a decade and still the Sony fanboys keep hoping and keep regurgitating the same old garbage about the future. A few months ago DPR was up in arms about the inaccuracies of one of the mirrorless camera's autofocus sorry don't remember which one , but now they're back to hammering on the DSLR autofocus. What are we going to do now that neither system is up to the challenges of 21st century resolution demands?

    What is the third way??? I very much doubt it'll get anywhere near to the D5 or d AF systems ability with moving subjects or in low light. PS the umbrella shot is useabe. To the poster below.

    Canon or nikon speed dating, Comparison tools explorer view

    A little surprised by the score, still received gold but would have thought a hair over True but review sites job is also to verify manufacturers claims of certain features. Nikon has set a perception about the AF by the way they worded on their announcements, the way their reps claims. BUT, notice the diff rendition of some detail - refer to the top left of the woodcut center left , the very upper slice of woodcut has diagonals, the bayer goes 1 way the sigmas go the other, i ASSume the bayers are correct and there are other renditions that are a bit screwy for the foveon other pics and such.

    Comparing it at ISO and low light, the Sigma is almost black and white though, so I guess each sensor has its qualities in different areas https: What's up with the image captions? If you're not going to give any valuable information on the image processing, save yourselves some time and space and don't write anything at all. It just looks dumb and lazy.

    I believe the point of that is to distinguish between jpegs straight from the camera and jpegs created by manually processing raw files. Was surprised that the one captioned "details details" seemed to have heavy motion blur or that's what it looks like. Yea, I get it. Processed to taste helps compare non-processed shots. But it still is dumb. I assume every shot is processed now a days unless the captions says, Not Processed, or Straight Out of Camera. Just call out those few times that a photo is not processed.

    If you're not going to give me the process details you've told me nothing I can't assume already. I don't go to a restaurant wondering if they are going to add seasoning or sauce to taste. Nor would that restaurant say, Chicken made to taste. Your going to get a description that makes your mouth water, or just say, Chicken Plain No Seasoning. Saying Processed to Taste only leaves me frustrated.

    Already know that and not knowing anything more. I know others will vary. I imagine 'processed to taste' is there to head off complaints that the processing itself is inadequate. The shadows are too open Not enough micro contrast in the clouds Too much saturation in the blues. Processed to taste merely means that it's not an out-of-camera JPEG everything is unless otherwise stated , and that some creative choices have been made by the photographer or reviewer, rather than it being processed to a formula.

    Are those some miracle golden samples or what I have been not getting with my tests on those lenses? Well, back to practice, I guess. No it doesn't, corners of the lens don't magically become sharper just because you sample them at lower resolution. Could be the different microlens setup on the sensor. The more MP, the harder they are to optimize. Back into your cave troll. A chip coming out of a Sony factory, destined for a third party can be a blend of Sony and that client's IP.

    It's not necessarily an off-the-shelf part. Whoever manufactured it and I can't find any credible source for the TowerJazz assertion , it seems to include some of Nikon's own IP. I do believe a Nikon or a Pentax does have some influence in the overall sensor package in that some Pentax or Nikon cameras have offered slightly better results than a Sony camera with same generation sensor. Had the opportunity talking to a pro shooting MLB games and hockey.

    DPreview makes it clear that the D5 have a "better AF system". Before any personal attacks or rants by the D fanboys keep in mind that I do intend to get a D but solely for still photography and landscapes and such. Talking to the real pros out in the field will teach you much more than reading blogs online. It seems you don't understand what camera we are talking about. So please, don't throw a sh.. They are different cameras, for different buyers.

    I don't care what your "real pros" say about it. They prefer the d5 - OK. I prefer higher resolution, focus stacking, etc. Say to your "real pros" that there is a life beyond hockey and weddings. Nikon started the "sh.. They claimed the D uses the same AF system as the D5. The price doesn't matter if the company themselves promise something. Then again, they also claimed 2x DR and 2x high ISO noise improvement over the D, and failed to deliver on that, as well. Day 1 people are still waiting on those.

    I have no idea why your review score downplays D, Autofocus still clunky! Q; comparing to what? Snapbridge is still finicky, even for basic image transfer: How many use that? Subject tracking not quite up to D5 standards! Q; Does D supposed to be a D5 clone? Lens calibration becomes absolutely critical at this resolution, and can be a pain point: That's the lens weak point not the camera. Focus peaking unavailable when shooting 4K video! I leave it to your imagination. Shall we switch to D? Need for lens calibration and accuracy issues is like achilles heel of the PDAF in general.

    Sensor based focusing is more accurate but sadly Nikon's AF solution is slower than competition. I just received the D and silent shutter and articulating screen make's it almost perfect for live view shooting Maybe little bit faster than D, but not much. I have to agree, an 89 is foolish and it appears to show a bias as well. I appreciate the review and I'm surprised by how quickly it came out but I'm surprised you guys just say in passing "more testing" about those. I saw someone else do mRAW tests, and he didn't recommend using that option. Photos were very blurry compared to shooting full res.

    While I can understand Nikon's emphasis on photo image capability and it is undeniably cutting edge performance , the company can afford to make a few concessions to video users. The most important is the focusing design. It's not that Nikon lacks the engineering prowess to put out better video. But the company really needs to acknowledge that even hardcore Nikon photo shooters will want to shoot video with at least phase detection focusing.

    With a high-end model like the D, the user shouldn't tolerate focus hunting. With the company's current approach to designing DSLRs, they may keep most of their loyal customers but some will inevitably jump ship. The lack of a built-in flash is a convenience that really shouldn't be taken out if previous flagship models had it. If weather sealing is the issue, then I'm sure NIkon can devise a foolproof cover of some type over the hotshoe.

    I never use live view and I have zero interest in video! Maybe I am the exception but I would really like to know how many Nikon photo shooters care about video performance? No, No, Video killed the photo model: Video has completely taken over my shop. I would have to spend money-I-can't-afford to shoot video with Nikon quality-level glass. Besides, I Already had the glass. Damm right I want to shoot video through it. I disagree about the built in flash.

    It's recycling time vs power output was way too long compared to external flashes Not much use for serious shooting. Nikon has made quite a bit of effort to accommodate video shooters with the D Some of which is great, other aspects of which are maddening. I fully understand that you need video for your jobs, but are you really a hardcore Nikon photo shooter? Richard Butler Please do a video file test against the competition including dynamic range, color in low light, grading, white balance and overall color science.

    I would love to be a hardcore Nikon photo shooter, but about one in three jobs I go out on, the clients ask me if I can also shoot video. I am the first to admit that Canon makes great lenses and many Canon shooters really know how to use them! You're the same guy who doesn't want an automatic transmission, air conditioning, radio, seat belts, or cup holders in his car.

    BTW, like your screenname. I have a few leftover black lenses. I'm a white lens kinda guy myself. Due to calibration issues, is this camera appropriate for concert shooting where distance between the photographer and the artists constantly changes? I think it all depends how big you are going to print - basically it will be just as good as any camera before it at the same print sizes - the extra megapixels just show more imperfections if you zoom in closer.

    But then again, what do I know? Oh and here is my short Bio just in case the term Pro doesn't ring true:. Movie format, resolution, quality and functionality" https: I think most of my problems with the review have to do with the con's having nothing directly to do with the camera. You can't judge the camera on the inabilities of Snap-bridge or the availability of XQD cards and the AF isn't quite as good as the D5 a camera dedicated to shooting high speeds.

    The reviewer isn't being practical and rate the camera for what it is meant to be used for, not for everything under the sun. Benjamin Kanarek, I remember you from the Pentax K5 days and you eventually switched over to a couple Ds. I assume by your comment that you have upgraded to the D? How does the D compare to your D for day to day work? Also any chance you have gotten to try the Pentax K1 yet? While you are correct that it is missing the ospdaf, and no focus peaking in 4K.

    Every review that has done a side by side comparison of the video files against the competition has said that the video out of the D in full frame 4k is class leading Add to this the great dynamic range, and the ISO 64 which is almost like having a neutral density.

    As far as Log, Nikon has flat picture profile, which has been shown to be equivalent to Log profiles and every review that has done testing has shown that it is a breeze to grade your video using this profile it just isn't called LOG. OSV With regards to lenses being long in the tooth Nikon currently has the most comprehensive set of 1. Nikon has completely updated most of their super telephotos, and these lenses are class leading according to all side by side tests. The was just updated, and that lens is considered the reference lens by which all other 's are judged.

    Other recent introductions that are considered reference lenses are 28 1. I am sure you can pick and choose lenses randomly to try and make your point, but the facts posted above stand. We don't choose the number at the end of the reviews and it doesn't necessarily reflect the Pros and Cons list. Our scoring system is made up from something like 30 sub-scores. A predefined algorithm produces the final number. By contrast, our Pros and Cons list is simply 'things you might want to be aware of, if you're considering this camera. Such cameras rarely exist. You do realize that all of those lenses are reviewed on higher megapixel cameras, except for the Nikons, so those lenses rate better Nikon has the broadest range of primes from any manufacturer.

    Your right Nikon does not have any VR prime lenses Canon does have IS primes, they are all F2 - 2. All the facts I stated regarding video capabilities of the D are fact. Last but not least, just looked at your posting history OSV Just to give you apples to apples I did "prove it to myself" compared like for like, Nikon DE vs. Sony A7R; both 36 megapixels I keep posting facts, all you have to do is open the link. Just open the links above, once you equalize 36mpix to 36 mpix You are scared of opening the link aren't you, Sony Fanboy.

    Below are some more examples of how Sony fails in sharpness So scared to see that your Sony lenses are suspect.

    Landscape Photography - Composition Speed Dating

    I understand, it's got to be tough when faced with facts proven in the links and websites I provided Your so sad, like all Sony fanboys. Was a review of the D objectively really the place to post a CV all over again? He does it in the SLR forums every other week anyway I am coming to this late to reply been busy for the last few months.