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  1. Interracial dating services in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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Interracial dating services in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Date White Men In Vancouver, British Columbia - Chat To Guys Online

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According to a Statistics Canada study, British Columbia has the highest proportion of interracial couples, at almost six percent, and Vancouver has the highest proportion of cross-cultural couples of all cities across Canada. Interestingly, 86 per cent of cross-cultural unions are comprised of one person who belongs to a visible minority group and one who is not a visible minority.

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  • This type of mixed race relationship made up 3. Less than one per cent 0. According to the same study, the Japanese were the most likely to be involved in an interracial relationship at 75 per cent, followed by Latin Americans at 47 per cent. Sahukhan, who is also the author of the book Dating the Ethnic Man, argues that while interracial romantic relationships are becoming increasingly common, they come with specific challenges.

    Fritzberg agrees, noting that this is inevitable when two individuals, who are already distinct in their own perceptions and ideas, enter an interracial relationship with the added factors of differing cultures, religions, and often, family values.

    Interracial dating in BC, Canada

    Their accent, exotic appearance or unfamiliar relationship style are often irresistible. Given the additional challenges that come with being in an interracial relationship, why is there still an increasing proportion of cross-cultural couples? In fact, statistics show that second and third generation visible minorities in Canada are now more likely to marry outside their ethno-cultural group than within it.

    Fifty-one per cent of second generation visible minorities are in a cross-cultural relationship. Among third generation visible minorities, more than two-thirds are involved with someone who is not from their cultural group.


    The challenges in handling differences in attitudes and expectations when it comes to facets of a romantic relationship such as courtship, rules around public displays of affection or family ties, is rooted in misunderstanding, Sahukhan notes.