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Share this Rating Title: Part 2 05 Jul 7. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Oliver Oken Jason Earles Jackson Stewart Moises Arias Rico Billy Ray Cyrus Robby Ray Stewart Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Band Member Cody Linley Rachel as Malese Jow Drew Roy Edit Storyline Miley's plan to get Jake back in Robbie Rays good books again worked out much to Miley's pleasure, however little did Miley know that she would begin to develop feelings for Jesse in her attempt to make Jake look good.

Tribune Studios - Sunset Blvd. Edit Did You Know? She was also a bodyguard for the famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma. She later worked as a security guard, and while on duty at a place called "Wig City", she met Miley and Robby for the first time. Miley was trying to create the Hannah disguise, and Roxy helped her pick an appropriate wig.

She then took a job as her bodyguard. She briefly worked for the Secret Service presidential protection unit after saving the president from contaminated sushi. After this she returned to work for Hannah. Roxy also has 60 hours of firefighter training. Roxy's catchphrases are "Roxy like a Puma!

In "Schooly Bully", Roxy attends Miley's school under the pretense of keeping her safe from a bully, while all along trying to teach Miley that she can deal with the bully herself. Roxy owns a pair of bulletproof pantyhose, which she says "keeps bullets out; keeps Roxy in". Roxy is single and lives in an apartment with her dog named Diddy.

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She earlier had a goldfish named Denzel. The only time Roxy is seen to be intimidated was upon meeting an old high school friend, Clarice Johnson.

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Roxy was insecure about her life, but later learned that she didn't need to be. Amber Addison portrayed by Shanica Knowles and Ashley Dewitt portrayed by Anna Maria Perez de Tagle season 1—4 are extremely mean and snobby girls who are Miley and Lilly's classmates and bitter rivals. They are typical school divas aka the mean girls, very popular among their peers and spoiled by their parents' money. Amber and Ashley are ironically both big Hannah Montana fans, despite their disdain for Miley. The girls first appear in the pilot episode and have since appeared in a total of 12 episodes.

They make their last appearance on the series finale; when Lily and Miley get into Stanford University, they become assigned roommates to Amber and Ashley. They now want to be friends, as Miley's secret has been revealed. Amber seems to be the more competent of the duo with Ashley typically following her lead. Amber is the editor of the school yearbook, a great singer, and is the first in the class to hold a valid drivers license. Ashley claims it's because she's "too pretty".


He Could Be the One: Part 2

Miley as Hannah has her first honest conversation with Amber backstage and learns that when she was younger, Amber was bullied and made fun of. Miley begins to feel sorry for her, and makes her promise to become a kinder person. This gives Miley a small taste of why she maintains her Hannah secret, as Amber and Ashley only want to be her friend for selfish reasons. Whenever Amber and Ashley happen to say something at the same time, they say together "Oooo, tsss!

This celebratory gesture becomes their trademark and a source of great annoyance to Miley and Lilly. At the end of the pilot episode, Miley and Lilly do the gesture in mockery of Amber and Ashley. Miley later initiates it with Lilly, but she declines, and they decide on a new best friends handshake. Her record producer is her father and Miley counts his self-centered daughter, Traci as a close friend of Hannah's. Traci has had a frequent dislike for Hannah's friend, Lola, claiming that she is "so uncool".

She has however, reluctantly accepted Lola at social events and maintains a friendly relationship with Hannah because of this. Traci talks with a nasal voice that is often noticed by others, which she claims is a "deviated septum" or else a "nasal condition". Hannah once went to Traci for boyfriend help when she asked to use her "faux-beau" to fool Lilly and Oliver who believe that Miley is alone now that the two are dating. She seems to have a crush on Jackson, and is frequently having celebrity parties, in which Hannah and her friends go to although Lilly only goes for the publicity.

Cooper has not made an appearance outside of season one, although he is mentioned and it's assumed they still hang out.

List of Hannah Montana characters - Wikipedia

Cooper often plays the straight man to Jackson's antics. He works at a movie theater called "Nick's Fat City". He enjoys Shirley Temple cocktails , calling them " fruity and refreshing".

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He also has a secret love of baking, something he keeps secret because he believes it is a primarily female activity. She agrees to go out with Jackson. Cooper gets mad at Jackson for flirting with his sister then he learns Olivia is Cooper's sister and she acts innocent. The incident causes a temporary rift in Jackson and Cooper's friendship. They are good friends again after Cooper realizes that everything was Olivia's fault.

Hannah Montana Forever S04E04 De Do Do Do, Da Don't Don't, Don't, Tell My Secret

Albert Dontzig portrayed by Peter Allen Vogt season 1 and 3 is the Stewarts' wealthy, snobby, pretentious, obese, and obnoxious next-door neighbor who has an ongoing rivalry with both Robby and Jackson. He can't stand the Stewarts, saying "I hate neighbors!

That's why I have the big hedge! His wife once had a car similar to Jackson's but traded it in because she thought it was too "girly". Dontzig tricks the Stewarts into a competition to see who can make their house look the scariest for Halloween, while all he wanted to do was attract more children to his house. This plan of course, backfires on him.

He takes advantage of the Stewarts' generosity by faking a sickness to have them watch his bratty eight-year-old niece "Patty" Savannah Stehlin. Dontzig is an alumnus of the fictional State University of Santa Barbara and is a generous donor to the school. To write a letter of recommendation to the school in support of Jackson's matriculating , Dontzig has Jackson perform menial favors for him. Dontzig is the only character in Hannah Montana to be portrayed by two separate actors.

Susan is the daughter of Grandma Ruby.

She died three years prior to season one, but is often mentioned by the Stewarts and appears in household pictures. She also appears in person in three episodes by way of old home videos and various dream sequences. Although they were both from Tennessee , Robby and Susan first met on the West Coast in a small roadside cafe off Interstate Susan was working as a waitress at the cafe during her college days and Robby visited while driving home to Nashville.

Robby claimed he fell in love with Susan immediately, and that he knew that Susan loved him too because she laughed at all his jokes. But with a little encouragement from Aunt Dolly, Robby persisted and Susan finally went out with him. Susan was a supportive parent, but she was more strict than Robby and wouldn't let the children have sugar before bed because it gave them nightmares , as seen in "I Am Hannah, Hear Me Croak". She was a skilled shopper and Miley remembers that she had great taste in fashion.

Robby remembers that when he and Susan went shopping, all he did was carry the bags. Susan died at age 33, when Miley was 10, of a car accident. The family's dealing with her death is first explored in the episode "She's a Supersneak" in which Miley overreacts to Robby dating another woman.

Susan comforts Miley and teaches her that even if she can't be Hannah Montana anymore, just being Miley is still "pretty darn terrific".