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Be wary of taking a hard-line approach. To a certain degree your daughter cannot help what she is feeling. You may not be happy with her choice, but the more you push against her, the more she may lean into the boyfriend. Instead, I recommend that you closely monitor the relationship and be ready to take drastic action if it is needed. You and your daughter should be conversant with the terms lust , attraction , and attachment. As parents we need to remember that if a girl has been in a relationship for just a few months, her feelings for her boyfriend are likely the strongest emotions she has ever felt in her life.

If she does not know the difference between attraction and attachment , she is likely to begin making choices and actions based on the idea that she is in love. Help her understand what real love is, and that sacrifice not stupid sacrifice is very much the heart of love.

Parenting Unto Godly Dating and Marriage

If your daughter is in a relationship, she should ask herself a few questions: Does he open doors for me? Does he ask me my preference on dates? Is he willing to make time for me even though he may have a busy schedule? Does he often put my needs ahead of his own? These are all ways in which a teen boy can demonstrate a willingness to be sacrificial.

From the earliest stages of a relationship, our daughters need to know that if a boy is not sacrificial toward her, then he is not worthy of her. Too many young girls stick around with jerky, selfish boys because they do not understand that attraction and attachment are different. I also encourage you to tell your daughter the story of how your marriage relationship unfolded. As early as her middle school years, take an opportunity to tell her about how you moved from attraction to attachment. Let her know how long you were in the relationship before you knew it was the deep love of attachment.

Consider discussing the following list of stupid sacrifices with your daughter, encouraging her to think about the impact of these choices and how she might feel about their consequences, particularly if the relationship ends. As parents we need to help our daughters maintain limits and boundaries while they are young. The girl is venturing without mature direction and acting on her own instincts and going places emotionally and physically that are not good for her, yet the parents stand idly by.

It is our job as parents to help our daughters understand where safe and healthy limits are when it comes to relationships. Here are some suggestions that I think would have helped guide and protect me when I was a teenage girl.

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Your daughter is probably not going to like some of these, but I can guarantee you that she will thank you for them later. If your daughter wants to break up with her boyfriend, she needs to make the break as clean and quick as possible. If you have involved him in your family, this makes it much more difficult for her to do this.

He needs to know that he is on the outside of your family and that your daughter is on the inside.

People who have balance in their lives recognize that a dating or marriage relationship is just one facet of their identity. While my marriage is a top priority for me, it does not define who I am. Nor should a relationship define your daughter. Also, the following comments do not necessarily reflect the views of Revive Our Hearts. We reserve the right to remove comments which might be unhelpful, unsuitable, or inappropriate. We may edit or remove your comment if it:.

What does the Bible say about dating? Are Christian teens allowed to date?

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What does the Bible say about teens dating? |

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