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He could feel her warmth through her jeans when she slid down his hard on and settled comfortably on his thighs, and couldn't help the exhilarating shiver than ran through his body when he felt Toph's hands creep up underneath his shirt. She seemed absolutely fascinated with the definition in his abs, because her fingers were tracing along the little dips in his abdomen while her tongue and lips soon followed where her fingers had just gone.

Her mouth reached the very edge of his pants and she lightly bit at the taut skin just above the button of his jeans. Her lips then hovered lightly over the light trail of hair that disappeared into his jeans, soft breaths causing coils of anticipation to curl up in Aang's lower stomach. Her fingers started undoing his jeans and he couldn't help but come up on his elbows and look down at her.

Toph was already unzipping the zipper and looked up at him, her brilliant eyes incredibly focused and riveting. He must have looked transfixed or hypnotized or some combination of the two because she suddenly started chuckling and smirked slyly at him. Her mouth lowered until it was teasingly close to the place where Aang really wished Toph would touch.

Aang groaned at the growing anticipation making his body hum with too much energy. Toph seemed to take this as sufficient payment, and Aang immediately threw his head back with a groan as he felt a delicious, hot, wetness envelope him. There was a brief couple of seconds where he didn't quite know what to do with his hands, and he ended up just grabbing the wall next to him for support, quite shocked that he had gotten absolutely no warning and that she was working his erection so enthusiastically.

It was so surreal to see her looking up at him as her head bobbed up and down over him and Aang could literally feel his arousal bursting to every single cell in his body. He reached and tucked her bangs behind her ear and rubbed at her cheek while her tongue did wonders against him. She removed her mouth for a second only to lick languidly along the vein on the underside of his erection, which earned her a combination between a moan and a shout for her efforts. She let out a breathy laugh as she rolled her tongue around the head of his erection and closed her mouth over the tip, hollowing her cheeks and sucking hard.

Aang couldn't help but grab at the back of her hair, her hair falling in between his fingers, and trying desperately not to thrust up into her throat and into that wonderful heat. He could feel the pressure in his lower abdomen starting to bunch up and knew that it wouldn't take much before he finished.

But Toph's tongue felt so glorious that he couldn't help but let his mind wander and imagine undressing her, running his hands everywhere, and getting a chance to taste her himself…. That last thought had almost done him in, and he had to quickly get Toph to stop and remove her mouth before she finished things too soon.

Aang was panting and trying to slow down his heart that was hammering against his chest, preparing for his impending orgasm. I'd love to see the day where someone can render you speechless. Aang smirked and took it as a challenge.


Avatar Hookup

He immediately hauled Toph up and brought her mouth and kissed her fully. Toph immediately responded, and Aang was completely bewitched. There was something so fantastic about being with someone who responded to gloriously to all of the attention he showed, that it made him want to act with more energy, more want, more touching, more of everything. She settled on his lap again and he couldn't control his hands from wandering over every part of her body that he could touch.

He reached for the hem of her shirt and tugged on it twice before Toph got the hint and pulled it over her head. She flung it to the other side of the room and immediately started to work off Aang's shirt as well. Once he was free of the fabric, Aang immediately brought his mouth to her collarbone and sucked delicately on her pale skin, which caused Toph to gasp, moan, and grab onto the hair on the back of Aang's head. Aang's mouth kept traveling lower until he started licking and kissing along the swell of Toph's breasts.

Both of their hands reached behind Toph's back to undo the clasp of her bra and let it fall to Aang's floor, completely forgotten. Aang took immediate advantage of the newly exposed skin, his lips finding purchase on her nipples and licking and sucking until Toph was squirming and sighing in his lap. He smiled into her skin, realizing that her breasts must be extremely sensitive, because she was tugging on his hair in a way that was just almost painful and gasping into his ears as he reduced her to a desperate mess.

Which felt pretty amazing considering that Toph had been acting like the epitome of self-confidence and control all evening. Toph was groaning through her bitten lips when Aang picked her up by her hips, flipped her down across his bed, and hovered over her. She was panting through her swollen lips and actually managed an amused snort. Aang nodded once and let out a large sigh. Well, there's only one thing left to do then. Toph was smirking at him and was already undoing the button to her jeans.

He helped her with the process and slowly peeled the tight fabric from her legs that Aang couldn't keep from running his hands over. His lips hovered over her right knee and he placed an open mouthed kiss there. He could feel Toph's body quiver in response as he slowly started trailing kisses further and further down the inside of her thigh. He reached the sensitive skin that was right before the hem of her underwear before she breathed out and lifted herself onto her elbows. You don't have to, you know. Toph let out a small whimper and shrugged, trying to keep her voice steady. Most…mm…guys don't want to.

Almost to prove that this certainly wasn't something that bothered Aang in the least, Aang made sure to leave a long languid kiss to Toph's labia through her underwear, which made her grip his sheets tightly in her hands. That was all he left her with before he pushed her underwear to the side and was met with the sight of her wet lips. Just seeing her and smelling her was enough to feel himself harden and feel the familiar pressure of arousal flush through him. He wrapped one of his hands around her thigh and licked once along her slit. Toph immediately inhaled, and he could feel her thighs shaking.

Such a violent reaction with such a simple touch, and this only encouraged Aang to repeat the ministration. He was only teasing her—simply running his tongue over her slit and not bothering to penetrate—but this seemed to be causing her to come undone. He was sure she was biting down on her lips hard enough to draw blood and her hands kept gripping and re-gripping the sheets underneath her.

It was as if she was a band full of tension and she was on the precipice, waiting for him to finally get to the point. Not one to waste any time, Aang tugged Toph's underwear down her legs until they hung uselessly around her left ankle. He brought up his index and middle fingers and spread her lips apart. Once his tongue began to lick within her folds, Toph moaned loudly and tipped her head back. Aang kept at it, running his tongue through her folds and licking up her arousal. Toph kept breathing heavily and sounded as if she were suddenly holding her breath and trying to reign in her noises.

Toph whimpered—actually whimpered —at the sensation, and instinctively shut her thighs closed. But Aang pried them open and kept pushing his tongue in and out of her. Toph couldn't support her weight anymore and she fell back onto the pillows as she threaded one of her hands through his hair and began gyrating her hips in rhythm with his thrusts. It sounded like she was trying to say something to him, but the words kept garbling up in her mouth between all the pants, moans, whimpers, groans, curses, and a whole hodgepodge of glorious sounds.

Aang moved up and circled his lips around her clit and sucked on it hard. Toph yelped and her grip on his hair became rougher. Aang completely ignored the pain as he kept sucking, and then moved to push two of his fingers inside of her, her wetness allowing for them to slip in easily. He wondered with amusement whether or not she would have been embarrassed by the noises she was making, and how desperate her moans and gyrating was becoming.

It didn't take too long after before Toph's body suddenly grew rigid, and she grew extremely quiet. The stillness ended when her chest heaved and her walls began convulsing around Aang's fingers. Suddenly she dropped back boneless against the sheets while Aang languidly licked up the rest of her wetness and placed one last kiss against her inner thigh. Aang crawled back up to her and laughed in surprise when Toph shoved him down to her mouth and kissed him vigorously.

She broke the kiss after a minute and muttered against his lips, "Please tell me you have condoms. Their lips met again and Aang was already reaching his hand over to the table next to his bed to open the top drawer where he knew there was a box. Sokka had given it to him during orientation week, and jokingly told Aang that he had better keep them in case of an emergency. At the time, Aang had thought it was a ridiculous gift and swore to Sokka that he would never need them, but now he was just thanking his terribly perverted friend for the gift, because he desperately needed release and being inside Toph was the only thing he really wanted at the moment.

He quickly kicked off his jeans and underwear and slid the condom on without any trouble, remembering that he was supposed to pinch the tip as he rolled it down. He leaned down again and kissed Toph before whispering against her lips. She rolled her eyes but couldn't help from laughing.

With that he slid completely inside her, the entry swift and easy due to how aroused Toph was. Toph hummed at the intrusion and gripped the back of Aang's neck, moaning into his ear as he accustomed himself inside of her. It had definitely been a while since he had ever been with anyone like this, and the warm, tight sensation was so wonderfully enticing that it took all of his willpower not to just let go of control and just thrust.

But he slipped out slowly, almost completely, until he thrust himself back inside, this time further and Toph's ankles immediately crossed on his lower back as she moaned at the penetration. Feeling her walls tighten around him, her hand gripping his neck, and her heels knocking against his back filled him with an excitement that made him want to hear the sounds she made at the height of her orgasm all over again.

Finally, he pulled back and continued to move inside of her, finding a rhythm and a tempo that had the both of them groaning and sighing into each other's mouths and burying their noises in the crooks of the other's neck. Aang figured out with delight that Toph was enthusiastic and quite active when it came to sex. Her hips were rocking upwards to meet with his thrusts and she was kissing down his neck, leaving bites and kisses that had Aang moaning into the air and pushing into her harder.

Aang was proven correct when he predicted that Toph was really vocal. Every time he sped up, Toph's shouts punctuated the air in perfect intervals and whenever he stopped long enough to tease her with slow thrusts, her frustration shone through with long, drawn out groans of annoyance and want. Taking him off guard, Toph pushed on Aang's shoulder and urged him into a sitting position, causing him to slip out of her.

She climbed on top of him, her knees on either side of his hips, and slid down on him again, gasping at the new angle. She braced her hands on his shoulders and immediately rolled her hips forward. Aang's hands slid up Toph's back and held her close to him, kissing along her throat, underneath her chin, and back down again as he lifted his hips to meet Toph's hurried pace. Soon, Aang began to feel his orgasm coming and couldn't help his groans from escaping his lips as well. He moved his hand between them and let his thumb circle her clit, trying to bring Toph to the same peak.

Toph immediately groaned at the added sensations, and Aang felt the dull drag of Toph's nails down the back of his shoulder and across his pectoral. Aang immediately felt the telltale signs of her second orgasm. Her walls began to tighten around him again, making it harder and harder to keep up their rhythm. But Toph's thrusts immediately slowed down as her head was thrown back and her body squeezed deliciously around Aang causing him to come only a minute after Toph. He rode along the intense pleasure that suddenly uncoiled and furled through his blood, making him grip onto Toph's hips tightly, probably leaving a bruise or two, and move inside of her until his body was completely spent.

Their heads were both resting on the other's shoulder, and suddenly Toph couldn't keep from laughing and shaking her head. Toph lifted herself off of him and immediately fell to the side against Aang's pillows, trying to catch her breath and pushing back her hair that had come loose somewhere between now and when they had crashed through Aang's door.

Aang threw away the used condom and clicked off the lamp on the other side of the room. Toph had already snuggled underneath Aang's covers and brought them all the way up to her chin to hide from the chill in the room. Aang couldn't help but smile fondly at the sight and pull the sheets back a little so he could slip in after her. Aang chuckled, but quickly climbed into bed next to her so that he could replace the covers as quickly as he could. Between the exhaustion from the late our and their recent activities, she was probably exhausted, and he was as well. He turned on his side and faced her.

Toph nodded and flung an arm across his chest and laid her head against his shoulder and mumbled, "Don't think is cuddling," she warned. Aang didn't dare laugh lest she assume that he didn't believe her. So he nodded solemnly and said, "Got it. Aang was pretty sure that Toph tried to mumble some smart comment in response to him, but it was muffled by a yawn and she wound up resting her cheek back on his shoulder and slipping into sleep.

Aang immediately felt the exhaustion hit him as well and tucked Toph's hair away from her face before he drifted off as well. Aang cursed to himself the next morning when he heard his alarm clock going off at ten in the morning and realized that he had failed to shut the damn thing off last night. Not that there was much time for thinking of such things, all things considered, but it still annoyed him that he couldn't at least have slept until past noon. The chronic studier inside of him told him that he needed to get up early today because he still had that essay to finish and two problem sets to go through, but he firmly shut that part of his brain up and focused on trying to move his body.

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Unfortunately, once Aang was up, he couldn't get back to sleep. He rolled over the bed to swing his legs over, but he blinked his eyes open and realized that his bed was empty, and so was his room. Aang ran his hands through his hair and sighed heavily, unable to keep the feelings of disappointment tighten his chest. He stared around the room and noticed with a frown that Toph's clothing was nowhere on the floor where they fell last night, and that the door to his room was left open just a crack, proof that Toph had slipped out of the room before he had woken up. It wasn't that Aang was expecting Toph to stay the night.

He knew how one-night stands and walk of shames worked, and he knew in the back of the head that Toph would probably sneak out of his room in the morning, and they would simply awkwardly run into each other on campus for the rest of the year, silently acknowledging that what happened between them was a one time thing that probably wasn't going to happen again. That wasn't necessarily a bad thing on its own, but for some reason Toph made an impression on him. She wasn't just attractive and an incredible sex partner, but she was funny and incredibly down to earth despite her upbringing.

Plus, everything else aside, they had fun last night.

The Hook Up Chapter 1: One, an avatar: last airbender fanfic | FanFiction

Just honest, pure, fun that Aang didn't expect but fully appreciated. Not that any of that mattered, because Aang trying to come up to her after this and admit all of that was supposedly breaking some unspoken rule, according to Sokka. And if Toph left, it was probably because she wanted for that unspoken rule to be in place. Aang didn't mind respecting that…but it was incredibly disappointing. Aang walked over to his dresser and slipped on a pair of underwear and was about to exit his room to head for the shower.

But as he was pulling his towel from the closet, his dorm room opened with a creak, causing Aang's head to snap up. Much to his surprise and delight, it was Toph. She was dressed in his sweatpants, one of his sweatshirts, and in his pair of boots that he wore last night, all of which were far too big on her which made her look positively adorable and made him realize just how much smaller she was than him. She was holding her student ID in between her teeth and was balancing two take-out trays from the dining hall.

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She nodded her head at him and placed the food down on his desk. I hope you like Nutella because I grabbed like five of them…". Suddenly, Aang's sour mood slipped away and he couldn't help but smile widely at the sight.

Toph placed her hand on her hip. It's bad enough that I couldn't do anything about the sex hair, I wasn't about to announce what I was doing last night to the entire campus. Toph frowned and stuck her ID in the pocket of his sweatshirt. I almost tripped twice, and I don't want to talk about it. Aang was still trying to get used to the fact that Toph had stayed and brought food.

I don't want to talk about that either. Aang nodded in agreement, and felt his cheeks hurting from all his smiling. Aang shrugged in apology. I mean, it's not like I expected you to stay or anything, I mean if you had left it would have been fine, it's just that I sort of thought that we…I mean not that I'm trying to assume anything but—". Toph's hand reached up to cover his, stopping his tirade before he went off and spouted off more words that he couldn't control.

She couldn't help but smirk in amusement. He smiled sheepishly into her hand in response and shrugged his shoulders up in an innocent admission. Toph dropped her hand and shook her head like she was trying to explain something that he was failing to understand. She crossed her arms over her chest and rocked back and forth from her toes to her heels. I mean, I usually run into guys that think getting me a drink means they can shove their tongue down my throat, and most everyone else is too afraid to walk up to me because of my freakin' last name," she replied bitterly.

Toph looked like she wasn't used to such honest bursts of admission, because she was still rocking back on her feet, still had her arms crossed over her chest, and was trying her best not to look directly at Aang's face. But the little bit that she did say warmed his chest and made him feel like cartwheeling down the hall and singing at the top of his lungs. Aang reached out and tugged Toph's arms away from her chest and down at her sides. He waited until she was looking up at him before he leaned down and gave her a sweet, unhurried kiss that Toph quickly melted into.

Her hands immediately reached up to grip at his biceps as his hands settled gently on her hips. It wasn't a kiss that was as involved as the ones from last night were, but somehow Aang considered this one his favorite of the ones they shared so far. He pulled back and noticed with a boyish grin that Toph's cheeks were flaming. She was still frowning, so he kept on poking her sides and her ribs until he had her dissolved in laughter and begging him to stop. Toph managed to calm her smiles and looked down in thought.

I never do much on Saturdays. Just to hang out for the day. I never like staying on campus on the weekends. Toph made a show of looking at the ceiling as if she were painstakingly searching for an answer. But she met his eyes again and shrugged with a carefree smile. Ugh, writing sex scenes from the point of view of a guy is hard lol, haha, I made a pun. Anyway… Jen , I hope you enjoyed that, you dirty thing. Again, I'm not too used to writing things like this, so reviews would be especially appreciated so I can know how I did.

I appreciate you all! Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. He was going to get a head start on his Philosophy paper. She was going to wake up mortified, as usual. Aang turned and glared at the girl. There are drinks in the back. Tell the DJ if you wanna hear something. Sokka sputtered and gestured his hands over to his other friends.

He wasn't sure why. Maybe it was because they were alone together. Maybe it was the change of scenery. Maybe the stars were aligned, he didn't know. He just knew that he liked it— loved it —when Suki's blue eyes darkened with desire like that. It made him want to do That look in her eyes shook through all of his normal awkward reticence and emboldened him past all decency.

His hand swooped out and grabbed her ankle. He yanked her forward, making her slide to the end of the seat. A squeak left her, followed by a sharp, high-pitched giggle as he pulled her shoe off and tossed it on the floor. He caught her gaze, flashing her a grin as he scooped up her other leg and put it into his lap. He pried off her other boot and tossed it aside. Suki giggled, her serious demeanor completely gone now. This was the Suki he liked best. The woman who made his heart burst, who could tease a smile out of him even on his gloomiest days. He'd never thought of himself as playful He liked it more than he could ever say.

She caught it and then squealed as he raked his fingers down the sole of her foot. She fought him, but he tickled her foot again, enjoying the way she threw back her head, the way her giggle was nearly a shriek. He made a face and tickled her foot again, but she sat up, launching herself across the space between the seats at him. He dropped her foot and reached for the fan on her waist, even as she pinned his shoulders back against the seat. She was still giggling.

Set up the Avatar

His gaze flicked to her lips and back to her flashing blue eyes. He could see the burning light in her eyes though. He knew she had caught the clear invitation in his voice, the insinuation. The desire he was totally unable to control. She stamped her bare foot on the carpeted floor. What has gotten into you? Aren't you always telling me I'm too serious? He shifted forward on the seat, one of his bent knees sliding between her legs as she stood before him. He looked up at her and they were so close he could have buried his face against her stomach, but he wasn't touching her.

Instead he met her gaze.

And she seized the golden, flame-shaped crown in his hair and gave it a wrench. He jerked his head away, and grabbed her around the waist, twisting in place and depositing her on the seat beneath his pinning weight. He batted off her hands, grabbing her wrists as he laughed. Eventually, the creators decided to change the time period, and Momo became the fuzzy, mischievous creature we all know and love today. If you were to make a list of impossible things that could have happened in the series finale, sweet Uncle Iroh stabbing Zuko in the back would probably be at the top.

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